06:00 amJohn PizzarelliEleanor RigbyMeets the BeatlesRCACDtrack
06:07 amThe BeatlesI Wanna Hold Your HandLoveAppleCDtrack
06:09 amThe BeatlesDrive My Car medleyLoveAppleCDtrack
06:10 amJake ShimabakuroWhile My Guitar Gently WeepsGently WeepsHRCDCDtrack
06:14 amDave GruisinYesterdaySongs of the BeatlesGRPCDtrack
06:19 amStevie WonderWe Can Work It OutAt the Close of A CenturyMotownCDtrack
06:22 amJohn PizzarelliThings We Said TodayMeets the BeatlesRCACDtrack
06:28 amDiana KrallAnd I Love HerDiana KrallConcordCDtrack
06:35 amJohn PizzarelliOh DarlinMeets the BeatlesRCACDtrack
06:39 amGroove CollectiveShe's So HeavySongs of the BeatlesGRPCDtrack
06:44 amSpyro GyraIn My LifeSpyro GryraGRPCDtrack
06:49 amNelson RangellLet It BeYesterdayIndependentCDtrack
06:55 amThe BeatlesSgt Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band/All You Need Is LoveLoveAppleCDtrack
07:00 amSergio MendesNas Queda NadaTimelessConcordCDtrack
07:06 amSergio MendesYes Yes AllTimelessConcordCDtrack
07:10 amKenny and Amanda SmithI Can't Sit DownTell SomeoneRebelCDtrack
07:15 amKenny and Amanda SmithTell Someone You CareTell SomeoneRebelCDtrack
07:18 amWilliam DeVaughnBe ThankfulBad Aaaas CinemaTVTCDtrack
07:21 amShuggy OtisInspiration informationInspiration informationLuaka bopCDtrack
07:26 amBobby WomackAcross 110th StreetPlayers and HustlersCold FrontCDtrack
07:31 amJames BrownDrive That Funky SoulBad Aaaas CinemaTVTCDtrack
07:36 amStevie WonderToo HighAt the Close of A CenturyMotownCDtrack
07:41 amCurtis MayfieldSuperflyPlayers and HustlersCold FrontCDtrack
07:47 amMichael BurksAshes In My Ash TrayIron ManAlligatorCDtrack
07:52 amMichael BurksDon't Let the Doorknob Hit YouI Smell SmokeAlligatorCDtrack