06:00 amConnie DoverLa FontaineIf Ever I ReturnTaylor Park MusicCDtrack
06:08 amKevin HiattA Second LifetimeAnother look at the sunriseIndependentCDtrack
06:13 amBob TrippMoonshinerUncommon DobroDark Horse ProductionsCDtrack
06:17 amGary KirklandDevil of an Angel GalShootin the Works on LoveDark Horse ProductionsCDtrack
06:22 amCheckered PastI Never Watned to Sing These SongsLive at KKFIIndependentCDtrack
06:28 amBarclay Martin EnsembleQueen Of This TownDawnIndependentCDtrack
06:34 amAlacartoonaSt. James Infirmary BluesLive On The Air - live on The Red Wheelbarrow (August 12,2005)IndependentCDtrack
06:41 amThe BopaphonicsI Don't Want to Be PresidentSingleIndependentCDtrack
06:47 amConnie DoverFear an Bhata (The Boatman)If Ever I ReturnTaylor Park MusicCDtrack
06:51 am77 JeffersonCatch & ReleaseSlegehammerIndependentCDtrack
06:55 amSeedloveBattlecryGrow peopleIndependentCDtrack
06:59 amBob WalkenhorstCall a WreckerThe BeginnerIndependentCDtrack
07:05 amKan EyedDrinkin' ion TuesdayAdvance PromoIndependentCDtrack
07:11 amShannon & the rhythm kings bandPeace Is In StyleSingleIndependent labelCDtrack
07:15 amBlue 88Coffee BluesClassified InformationIndependentCDtrack
07:22 amTrampled Under FootYou Call That LoveMay I be ExcusedBlue Edge RecordsCDtrack
07:32 amTori amosChinaLive at Montreux 1991-1992Eagle RecordsCDtrack
07:41 amHoward IcebergThrow em outSingleIndependentCDtrack
07:44 amLonesome Hank and the HeartachesBLUES CHACHAKansas City Magazine KC BLuesIndependentCDtrack
07:51 amBovine ArrivalBlack NellyBovine ArricalIndependentCDtrack