08:00 amCyril nevilleCream them beansEssential cyril nevilleMcCDtrack
08:06 amMOSE VINSIONPINETOP boogiePiano manSouthenr folkloreCDtrack
08:10 amBig joe turnerTv mamaThe very best ofRhinoCDtrack
08:14 amGrady championMississippi prideTough times dont lastGrady shadyCDtrack
08:17 amPaul sammondsHope is comingWoke up this morningIndepCDtrack
08:20 amHarperJust what youre looking forDay by dayBlind pigCDtrack
08:26 amTab robinsonThey sayDid you ever wonderSevernCDtrack
08:30 amRoyal southern brotherhoodFire on the mountainRoyal southern brotherhoodRufCDtrack
08:36 amFreddy kingLonesome whistle bluesThe best ofRhinoCDtrack
08:39 amFreddie kingThe stumbleThe best ofRhinoCDtrack
08:43 amBarbara blueRainy night in memphisMemphis 3rd and bealeBig blueCDtrack
08:47 amJohnny taylorCan't strike gold in a silver mineTaylored to pleaseMalacoCDtrack
08:50 amBart walkerAustin city limits signWho i amIndepCDtrack
08:54 amDc bellamyWater to wineWater to wineRoosterCDtrack
09:03 amBetty levetteDo not want what i have not gotI got my own hell to raiseAntiCDtrack
09:06 amBetty levetteJoyI got my own hell to raiseAntiCDtrack
09:10 amDc bellamyNext door neighbors womanWater to wineRoosterCDtrack
09:12 amRon thompsonWalkMagic touchPoore boy recordsCDtrack
09:21 amMagic slimBefore you accuse meThe essential magic slimBlind pigCDtrack
09:25 amMagic slimThinkThe essential magic slimBlind pigCDtrack
09:27 amMagic slimScufflinThe essential magic slimBlind pigCDtrack
09:35 amMary bridget daviesYour kinda loveWanna feel somethingIdnepCDtrack
09:39 amRev billy c wirtzRobertaBest of the wirtzHigh toneCDtrack
09:48 amBugs hendersonHoney mamaYears in the jungleTrigger recordsCDtrack
09:54 amTufGet it straightWrong side of the bluesVizztoneCDtrack
09:57 amDamon fowlerCypress in the pinesDevil got his wayBlind pigCDtrack
10:00 amBobby smithNext time you see mePlay the bluesIndepCDtrack
10:06 amRev jimmie bratcherCheck your blues at the doorSecretly famousAint skeertCDtrack
10:18 amRev jimmie bratcherI can't shake that thingSecretly famousAint skeertCDtrack
10:21 amRev jimmie bratcherJupiter and marsSecretly famousAint skeertCDtrack
10:30 amSusan tedeschiJust wont burnJust wont burnTone coolCDtrack
10:38 amBobby rushChicken headsFolk funkDeep rushCDtrack
10:43 amBobby rushHowlin wolfRawDeep rushCDtrack
10:49 amLarry garnerRaised int eh countryHere today gone tomorrowDixie frogCDtrack
10:56 amBonnie raittUsed to rule the worldSlip streamRedwingCDtrack