07:00 pmJan HammerMiami Vice ThemeMiami Vice SoundtrackMCACDtrack
07:01 pmPimk FloydObscured By CloudsObscured By CloudsCapitolCDtrack
07:07 pmJimmy PageWho's To BlameDeathwish 2WEACDtrack
07:10 pmCanDeadlockSoundtracksMute U.S.CDtrack
07:12 pmEric SerraLittle Light Of LoveFifth Element SoundtrackVirginCDtrack
07:18 pmJohn Paul JonesSpaghetti JunctionScream For HelpAtlanticCDtrack
07:23 pmSmithBaby It's YouDeathproof SoundtrackGeffenCDtrack
07:26 pmLed ZeppelinRock and rollThe song remains the sameSwan songCDtrack
07:31 pmCaravanVideos of hollywoodBack to frontEclecticCDtrack
07:37 pmPeter HammillHere come the talkiesWhat, now?Fie !CDtrack
07:49 pmWigwamOh, MarleneDark albumLoveCDtrack
07:53 pmSally oldfieldMarleneFemmeCbsCDtrack
07:57 pmWigwamPlanetstarLight agesPolarvoxCDtrack
08:03 pmThe Bonzo Dog BandMy brother makes the noises for the talkiesCornologyEmiCDtrack
08:06 pmVan der graaf generatorThe final reelTrisectorVirginCDtrack
08:12 pmGordon haskellThe right timeHambleton hillVoiceprintCDtrack
08:20 pmPeter HammillTrappingsThe future nowEmiCDtrack
08:24 pmGenesisThe cimema showSelling England by the PoundVirgin RecordsCDtrack
08:34 pmThe K GroupFilm noirPatienceFie!CDtrack
08:42 pmThe KinksCelluloid HerosOne For The RoadVelvelCDtrack
08:49 pmDan OrkinDisc 2 Track 21Best Of ChickenmanDanodayCDtrack
08:54 pmBeatlesYellow Submarine In PepperlandYellow SubmarineCapitolCDtrack
08:56 pmHold TightDave Dee, Dozy, Beeky, Mick & TichDeathproofGeffenCDtrack