11:00 amCaraMary ReadLong Distance LoveCDBYCDtrack
11:06 amRachel DavisThe Right of Man on the West SideRachel DavisRachel DavisCDtrack
11:11 amLondon Lasses and Pete QuinnBallyronan MaidBy Night and By DayLo La RecordsCDtrack
11:18 amNiamh Ni CharraThe Belles of South Boston/ The Rights of Man/ THe Moonlight ClogHappy OutImeartas RecordsCDtrack
11:23 amSheePuirtDecedenceShee RecordsCDtrack
11:30 amLaura ByrneOhm's Law/ Out on the RoadLucky DayLaura ByrneCDtrack
11:32 amShauna MulllinFill Fill a Ruin OWishing TreeShauna MullinCDtrack
11:38 amSheeEppie MorrieDecadenceLo La RecordsCDtrack
11:43 amEdel FoxCurrants for Cakes Raisins for Everything/ Scatter the Mud/ Langstrom's PonyChords & BerylsEdel FoxCDtrack
11:47 amSheeSugar and PieDecadenceLo La RecordsCDtrack
11:54 amShauna MullinThe Cocks Are CrowingWishing TreeShauna MullinCDtrack
11:56 amEdel Fox and Jackie DalyThe Joyous WaltzChords & BerylsEdel FoxCDtrack
12:00 pmJeana Leslie and Siobhan MillerTrooper and the MaidShadows TallMGMXCDtrack
12:05 pmJeana Leslie and SIobhan MillerBlyth Blyth SetShadows TallMGMXCDtrack
12:08 pmRachel DavisFour Men and a Little LadyRachel DavisRachel DavisCDtrack
12:15 pmDanuThe Boys of Barr na SraideSeanchasPIDCDtrack
12:22 pmJeana Leslie and Siobhan MillerAlexanderShadows TallMGMXCDtrack
12:26 pmLaoise KellyCarolan's Farewell to MusicJust HarpCDBYCDtrack
12:33 pmAndy IrvineThe Spirit of Mother JonesAbocurraghAndy IrvineCDtrack
12:37 pmEdel FoxBarr na Chuille/ The Ballina Lassies/ Gorman'sChords & BerylsEdel FoxCDtrack
12:40 pmCaraOwensboroLong Distance LoveCDBYCDtrack
12:45 pmShauna MullinNed of the HillWishing TreeShauna MullinCDtrack
12:51 pmLaoise KellyThe Saratoga/ President Garfield'sJust HarpCDBYCDtrack
12:56 pmNiamh Ni CHarraThe Iron Man/ The First Century ReelHappy OutImeartas RecordsCDtrack