08:00 pmScott kempnerYou move meTenement angelsRazor and tieCDtrack
08:00 pmGrindermanMickey mouse and the goodbye manGrinderman 2DominoCDtrack
08:00 pmDamnationsCoronaWhere it landsJoy rideCDtrack
08:00 pmCaptain beefheartPlastic factorySafe as milkBuddhaCDtrack
08:00 pmFlat duo jetsBlues wrapped around my headLucky eyeOutpostCDtrack
08:00 pmT-bone walkerI got the bluesThe imperial recordingsImperialCDtrack
08:00 pmLittle walterJukeBlowing the fuseBear familyCDtrack
08:00 pmSteve gibbons & the red capsBoogie woogie on a saturday nightJump n jiveWest sideCDtrack
08:00 pmBig maybelleThat's a pretty good loveCandy!SavoyCDtrack
08:00 pmHowlin' wolfYou can't be beatThe chess boxChessCDtrack
08:00 pmMr. marco's V7Slowly blowing the rainbowSpaceraserIndependentCDtrack
08:00 pmThe mothersMy guitar wants to kill yer mamaWeasels ripped my fleshRykoCDtrack
08:00 pmEfterklangRaincoatsMagic chairs4ADCDtrack
08:00 pmRobin holcolmbHand me down all storiesRobin holcombElektraCDtrack
08:00 pmGang of fourHistory of the worldA brief history of the 20th centuryWarner brothersCDtrack
09:00 pmCharles mingusEat that chickenOh yeahAtlanticCDtrack
09:00 pmJohn lennonWell well wellPlastic ono bandAppleCDtrack
09:00 pmCarolyn wonderlandJudgement day bluesBloodless revolutionIndependentCDtrack
09:00 pmToots and the maytalsFunky kingstonFunky kingstonMangoCDtrack
09:00 pmOtis reddingRock me babyOtis blueStaxCDtrack
09:00 pmLow anthemVinesSmart fleshNonesuchCDtrack
09:00 pmThe mekonsLost highwayFear and whiskeySin recordsCDtrack
09:00 pmRolling stonesParachute womanBeggar's banquetDeccaCDtrack
09:00 pmThe clashPressure dropSuper black market clashColumbiaCDtrack
09:00 pmBig mama thorntonUnlucky girlBall 'n chainArhoolieCDtrack
09:00 pmHank williams IIIThrown out of the barStraight to hellBrucCDtrack
09:00 pmTarheel slimNumber nine trainLoud fast and out of controlRhinoCDtrack
09:00 pmLucinda williamsHoney beeLittle honeyLost highwayCDtrack
09:00 pmThe yayhoosFor cryin' out loudFear not the obviousBloodshotCDtrack
09:00 pmNew franklin panthersMondegreen soramimiCircus actIndependentCDtrack