09:00 pmP.f. sloanAnd the boundaries in betweenMeasure of pleasureCollector's choiceCDtrack
09:00 pmFred neilThe other side of this lifeThe other side of this lifeCapitolCDtrack
09:00 pmAnne briggsI thought i saw you againSing a song for youFledglingCDtrack
09:00 pmDrive by truckersWorld of hurtA blessing and a curseNew westCDtrack
09:00 pmCat powerI believe in youJukeboxMatadorCDtrack
09:00 pmWar on drugsA needle in your eye #16Wagon wheel bluesSecretly canadianCDtrack
09:00 pmBruce springsteenGood eyeWorking on a dreamColumbiaCDtrack
09:00 pmMammals69 pleasure streetEvolverHumbleabode musicCDtrack
09:00 pmThe gourdsShreveportHaymakerYep rocCDtrack
09:00 pmRev. c.h. savageRock danielSaints and sinnersRounderCDtrack
09:00 pmGinny hawker & carol elizabeth jonesTime is winding downO sisterRounderCDtrack
09:00 pmIke sheldonWhen i get to heavenThrow downRural gritCDtrack
09:00 pmHoward iceberg & the titanicsGoin' to jerusalemFirst fadeIndependentCDtrack
09:00 pmGram parsonsIn my hour of darknessComplete reprise sessionsRepriseCDtrack
10:00 pmTalking headsRoad to nowhereLittle creaturesSireCDtrack
10:00 pmAnimal collectiveDid you see the wordAnimal collectiveFat cat recordsCDtrack
10:00 pmNick caveDig lazarus digDig lazarus digAntiCDtrack
10:00 pmDevotchkaNew worldA mad and faithful tellingAntiCDtrack
10:00 pmGlasvegasLonesome swanGlasvegasColumbiaCDtrack
10:00 pmHope sandovalDropBavarian fruit breadRough tradeCDtrack
10:00 pmBobby sutliffDon't let it bring you downThis note's for youInbetweens recordsCDtrack
10:00 pmDel shannonMy love has goneThe liberty yearsEmiCDtrack
10:00 pmSara hickmanMoment of graceSpiritual appliancesIndependentCDtrack
10:00 pmWilcoShe's a jarSummerteethRepriseCDtrack
10:00 pmThe phaetonsI love my babyAce records greatest rock and rollersAceCDtrack
10:00 pmJohnny and the wildcatsWild wild partyAce records greatest rock and rollersAceCDtrack
10:00 pmAl vanceCrazy about an automobileAce records greatest rock and rollersAceCDtrack
10:00 pmKronos quartetSmoke rises across the riverYou've stolen my heartNonesuchCDtrack