08:00 pmConnie DoverSweet Betsy Fromthe PikeOn the Border of heavenTaylor Park MusicCDtrack
08:08 pmConnie DoverAn Spailpin FanachThe Border of heavenTaylor Park MusicCDtrack
08:12 pmEDDIE dELAHUNTWaltzing with nancyWaltzing With NancyIndependentCDtrack
08:17 pmEddie DelahuntThe Fairytale of new YorkEddie DelahuntIndependentCDtrack
08:27 pmThe EldersKathleenGael DayIndependentCDtrack
08:39 pmBob ReederMolly MaloneCeltic SoulIndpenendentCDtrack
08:42 pmFlannigan's Right HookMurphy's WifeEPPubone RecordsCDtrack
08:53 pmGerald Trimble EnsembleMorag/Tres morillasCeltic CantigasIndependentCDtrack