08:00 pmSteve WinwoodDifferent LightAbout TimeSonyCDtrack
08:06 pmLittle FeatFeats Don't Fail Me NowHot Cakes & Out TakesRhinoCDtrack
08:09 pmPlant and pageBattle Of EvermoreNo Quarter, Plant And Page UnleddedAtlanticCDtrack
08:22 pmDevon DunsmoorAll That I AmNoneIndependentCDtrack
08:25 pmDead Heart BloomHalf Way GoneIn ChainsClermontCDtrack
08:30 pmEl GoodoI Can't Make ItCoyoteGreaseCDtrack
08:36 pmDick OrkinDisc 3 Track 3Best Of ChickemanDanodayCDtrack
08:38 pmStalk Forrest GroupI'm On The Lamb But I Aint No SheepSt. CeciliaRadioactiveCDtrack
08:41 pmBlue Oyster CultOD'd on Life ItselfA long days nightColumbiaCDtrack
08:48 pmSam RobertsUp SisterLove at the End of the WorldZoeCDtrack
08:52 pmJoe RobertsPhantom BlondeJoe RobertsIndependentCDtrack
08:56 pmMichael BruceForever EighteenSecond Coming Of Michael BrucePilotCDtrack
09:03 pmFast Johnny RickerAre You ExperiencedLiveIndependentCDtrack
09:09 pmKelley HuntMountain To MoveMercy88 RecordsCDtrack
09:16 pmLightnin' RodTwo Shoed BoogieAll American BluesLightnin' BoltCDtrack
09:29 pmJohnny WinterGood Morning Little School GirlJohnny Winter And LiveColumbiaCDtrack
09:38 pmDick OrkinDisc 2 Track 5Best Of ChickenmanDanodayCDtrack
09:40 pmDeke LeonardIn Search of sarah and 26 horsesIceberg / kamikazeBGOCDtrack
09:47 pmWarren zevonWerewolves Of London (live)Learning to flinchRhinoCDtrack
09:50 pmJethro TullThick As A Brick (exerpt)Thick As A BrickChysalisCDtrack