06:00 pmThe KilligansShame and SorrowOne Step Ahead of HellIndependentCDtrack
06:05 pmThe F HolesBring Me My 40Livin on Muscle, Guts & LuckIndependentCDtrack
06:08 pmCash O' Riley and the Downright DaddiesI Love You SoGet lucky Break Down or DieAmerican WaxCDtrack
06:11 pmHot Club of CowtownI can't tame wild womenTall TalesHightoneCDtrack
06:13 pmWynonie harrisGood Morning JudgeWynonie harris v roy brownCharly r and bCDtrack
06:16 pmThe Rebel RousersGunfireEarly Missouri RockersJanCDtrack
06:20 pmOld Crow Medicine ShowAlabama High-TestKing Easy Radio Sampler Volume 4King EasyCDtrack
06:23 pmWayne hancockFlatland boogieSwing TimeBloodshot recordsCDtrack
06:31 pmJunior BrownParty LightsGuit with itCurbCDtrack
06:34 pmNick curranPlayerPlayerAlligatorCDtrack
06:37 pmThe blastersHigh school confidentialTestamentSlashCDtrack
06:40 pmBR549Ain't got timeTangled in the PinesDualtoneCDtrack
06:43 pmLonnie mackMemphisR&R Guitar ClassicsEraCDtrack
06:45 pmJesse DaytonCreek between heaven and hellTall texas talesStagCDtrack
06:48 pmHot Club of CowtownTchavolo swingDev'lish MaryHightoneCDtrack
06:53 pmBig Sandy & His Fly-Rite BoysIt's TimeIt's timeHightoneCDtrack
06:56 pmThe haywoodsWaitin on youDrinkin Cryin & MoaninWormtoneCDtrack
07:02 pmThe Starline Rhythm BoysA dime at a timeLive at CharlieOs World FamousCow IslandCDtrack
07:04 pmBill kirchenHammer of the Honky Tonk GodsHammer of the Honky Tonk GodsProper RecordsCDtrack
07:06 pmThe Trip DaddysRed hot mommaHot chicks and fast licksIndependentCDtrack
07:09 pmJack baymoore and the banditsChattanooga GalA V8 BoggieTail RecordsCDtrack
07:12 pmBuddy HollyThat'll be the dayGreatest HitsMCACDtrack
07:14 pmRex Hobart and the Misery BoysNothing but nothingForever always endsBloodshot RecordsCDtrack
07:17 pmDwight YoakamWhat Do You Know About LoveTomorrow's sounds todayRepriseCDtrack
07:20 pmDarrel highamGimme that drinkHigh class babyGoofin recordsCDtrack
07:25 pmJD and the ChasersHey PorterJD and the ChasersIndependentCDtrack
07:27 pmThe Stray CatsCruisinRunaway boys: a retrospectiveEMICDtrack
07:30 pmGene VincentBrand new beatRocks & The Bluecaps RollCollectablesCDtrack
07:32 pmRay campiThe crossingThe road to rockabillyReal recordsCDtrack
07:35 pmBig john batesRiding big railsMystikiDevil sauceCDtrack
07:38 pmThe mean devilsBop-a-ramaA date with devilsBoparamaCDtrack
07:42 pmThe CrampsMojo man from marsFiends of Dope IslandVengeanceCDtrack
07:46 pmRoy orbison and the teen kingsGo Go GoLost and found: the unreleased 1956 recordingsVarese sarabandeCDtrack
07:48 pmLee RockerNervous little angelBulletproof33rd Street RecordsCDtrack
07:51 pmHopped upDrinkin that gin againShake the shackKxspCDtrack
07:53 pmRalph martieriCrazy man crazyStep it up and goPresidentCDtrack
07:57 pmJimmie & joe ligginsI ain't drunkJump blue rockin the jukesBlue noteCDtrack