02:00 pmPaul desmondTake tenBestColumbiaCDtrack
02:10 pmDave brubeckTake fiveBestColumbiaCDtrack
02:20 pmNat king coleCoffee to teaBestCapitolCDtrack
02:30 pmSonny rollinsWay out westWay out westContemporaryCDtrack
02:40 pmArt pepperJazz me bluesMeets the rhythm sectionContemporaryCDtrack
02:50 pmCharlie marianoStellaBestFresh soundsCDtrack
03:00 pmColtraneOne up one downNew thingImpulseCDtrack
03:10 pmMonkBemsha swingBestColumbiaCDtrack
03:20 pmBud shankSimpaticoWorld jazzPacificCDtrack
03:30 pmArt tatumTea for twoBestDeccaCDtrack
03:40 pmLouis armstrongMood for loveBestDeccaCDtrack
03:50 pmSarah vaughnBody and soulSwingin easyMercuryCDtrack