06:00 pmThe Mezcal BrosGo go rhythmGo Go RhythmIndepCDtrack
06:02 pmPaul galaxy and the galacticsBlack out drunkSlingshotRollin RockCDtrack
06:04 pmBill kirchenDim lights, thick smokeTied to the WheelHightoneCDtrack
06:09 pmTeddy morgan and the pistolasBullet from a gunLive at7 black catsIndependentCDtrack
06:14 pmRockin llyod tripp and the zipgunsTruckstop rockRide that rocketUranium recordsCDtrack
06:17 pmRockin Ryan and the Real GonersCaged heatCaged HeatGolly geeCDtrack
06:22 pmSlim Jim Phantom&Darrell HighamC'mon everybodyKat MenKat FightCDtrack
06:25 pmTruckstop HoneymoonRockabilly debutanteDiamonds in the AsphaltIndependentCDtrack
06:31 pmRandy rich and the poor boysBye bye mr. bluesBye bye mr. bluesRhythm bombCDtrack
06:34 pmThe SilvermenLawmanIncendiary luminarySilvermen musicCDtrack
06:41 pmThe DerailersJackpotJackpotTexas Round up RecordsCDtrack
06:43 pmThe MoonstompersNickle, dime & a quarterHigh Speed daddy-oEnvikenCDtrack
06:45 pmThe belmont playboysStringbusterOne night of sinDeep southCDtrack
06:48 pmThe two timin threeGamblin feverPayin the priceTake offCDtrack
06:52 pmHillbilly casinoPretty babySucker punchedIndependentCDtrack
06:55 pmCarl PerkinsLet the jukebox keep on playingKing of rockabillyPickwickCDtrack
07:00 pmRoy OrbisonWorking for the manAll Time Greatest HitsCBSCDtrack
07:03 pmMerle HaggardWorkin Man BluesThe fighting side of meDualtoneCDtrack
07:07 pmDeke Dickerson & The EccofonicsWhats That CookinNumber One Hit RecordHMGCDtrack
07:09 pmSouthern Culture On The SkidsFried Chicken & GasolineDirt Track DateGeffenCDtrack
07:12 pmBig Sandy & His Fly-Rite BoysBig 49Feelin kinda LuckyHightoneCDtrack
07:15 pmTHE PALADINSTore upPalvoline no. 7RufCDtrack
07:18 pmThe rumble clubTwilight zoneRumble club rides tonightIndependentCDtrack
07:22 pmRonnie DawsonA real good timeRockinitisNo HitCDtrack
07:26 pmCorky JonesRhythm and BoozeRock and roll orgySounds that swingCDtrack
07:31 pmSlick Andrews and the Wild Hare MillionaresBeer it upLets Beer it UpWild HareCDtrack
07:34 pmDale watsonRattlesnake TrainPeople I've Known, Places I've BeenIndependentCDtrack
07:37 pmHank Williams IIIWreck of the old 97Dressed in blackDualtoneCDtrack
07:40 pmThe starkweather boysTrue fine mamaArcher St. BluesCharlierCDtrack
07:45 pmReverend Horton HeatBaby i'm drunkHoly rollerSub popCDtrack
07:48 pmThe planet rockersOne more drinkHillbilly beatNo hitCDtrack
07:51 pmThe dixonsCome and get itStill your foolCow islandCDtrack
07:53 pmBR549There Stands The GlassCaught In the WebbKochCDtrack
07:55 pmThe treniersDrinkin wine spo dee o deeRockin with the treniersCharly r&bCDtrack
07:57 pmJimmie & joe ligginsI ain't drunkJump blue rockin the jukesBlue noteCDtrack