06:00 amTim O'BrienEarly Morning RainFiddler's GreenHowdy SkiesCDtrack
06:08 amBeth ScaletKnockin' on Heaven's DoorBeth Loves BobIndependentCDtrack
06:12 amOld SoundBeen All Around this WorldRain Follows the PlowIndependentCDtrack
06:17 amTruckstop honeymoonWatching the WeatherThe Madness of happinessSquirrel RecordsCDtrack
06:21 amMaria the MexicanSighMoon Colored JadeIndependentCDtrack
06:23 amWhiskey for the LadyBeautiful ThingsToo many holesIndependentCDtrack
06:27 amDrunkard's DreamWishing WellMidwest Dust DevilsPJSCDtrack
06:30 amAppleseed CollectiveFantasyYoung LoveIndependentCDtrack
06:35 amGrace & TonyHoly Hand GrenadeNovemberRock Ridge RecordsCDtrack
06:39 amThe Baseball ProjectStats3rdYep RocCDtrack
06:42 amGerald TrimbleThe Lunatic LoverUnreleasedIndependentCDtrack
06:48 amAl LundeenMadelineThe saddest Tears of AllIndependentCDtrack
06:52 amStreetlevel UprisingAll Our PeopleDusk to dawn RevolutionIndependentCDtrack
06:57 amBlack 47The Night the Showband DiedLast CallIndependentCDtrack
07:16 amBlack 47Johnny Comes a Courtin'Last CallIndependentCDtrack
07:22 amAl LundeenWhen the Day is DoneThe Saddest Tears of AllIndependentCDtrack
07:26 amMike GordonJumpingOverstepIndependentCDtrack
07:32 amEmerson, Lake & PalmerBenny the BouncerTrilogyAtlanticCDtrack
07:43 amCharlie ParkerSJumpin's with Symphony SidNewly Discovered Sides by the Immortal Charlie ParkerSavoyCDtrack
07:52 amBlack 47Let the people InLast CallIndependentCDtrack