12:00 pmCarrie NewcomerIf Not NowBefore & AfterRounder/umgdCDtrack
12:05 pmAnne FeeneyIntro:Rebuild AmericaHeartlandSuper 88CDtrack
12:05 pmAnne FeeneyRebuild America - Keep Hope Alive!HeartlandSuper 88CDtrack
12:10 pmJohn McCutcheonNot in My NameThe Greatest Story Never ToldRed HouseCDtrack
12:18 pmConnie DoverShady GroveIf Ever I ReturnTaylor ParkCDtrack
12:22 pmShoestring BandJenny Run Away in the Mud in the NightA Box of Fiddle TunesIndependentCDtrack
12:25 pmConnie DoverWhere Shall I Go?Wishing WellTaylor ParkCDtrack
12:28 pmSteve MartinThe CrowThe Crow:New Songs for Five String BanjoRounder/umgdCDtrack
12:34 pmAnne FeeneyLook to the LeftLook to the LeftSuper 88CDtrack
12:38 pmEvan GreerLove Me, I'm a LiberalSome New SongsIndependentCDtrack
12:42 pmKate Power & Steve EinhornLibertyBrick & MortarQuality FolkCDtrack
12:49 pmSteve MartinPitkin County TurnaroundThe Crow: New Songs for Five String BanjoRounder/umgdCDtrack
12:52 pmSmall PotatoesWaltz of the WallflowersWaltz of the WallflowersWind RiverCDtrack
12:56 pmLil' RevDown YonderDrop Baby DropIndependentCDtrack
01:02 pmConnie DoverMally LeighIf Ever I ReturnTaylor ParkCDtrack
01:06 pmShoestring BandPretty Maid Milking Her CowA Box of Fiddle TunesIndependentCDtrack
01:10 pmSmall PotatoesTerror TimeTime FliesFolk Era RecordsCDtrack
01:17 pmSteve MartinDaddy Played the BanjoThe CrowRounder/umgdCDtrack
01:20 pmJohn McCutcheonOne in a MillionThe Greatest Story Never ToldRed HouseCDtrack
01:25 pmKate Power & Steve EinhornMy LoveBrick & MortarQuality FolkCDtrack
01:29 pmKate Power & Steve EinhornWallowaBrick & MortarQuality FolkCDtrack
01:35 pmRory BlockIf I Had Possession Over Judgment DayConfessions of a Blues SingerRounder/umgdCDtrack
01:38 pmSmall PotatoesSt. Louis BluesRawIndependentCDtrack
01:42 pmLil' RevSt. James InfirmaryDrop Baby DropIndependentCDtrack
01:48 pmCarrie NewcomerI Meant to Do My Work TodayBefore & AfterRounder/umgdCDtrack
01:51 pmJohn McCutcheonTalking Yogi TalkSermon on the MoundAppalsongsCDtrack
01:53 pmCarrie NewcomerA Crash of RhinocerosBefore & AfterRounder/umgdCDtrack
01:56 pmLil' RevThe Dough Won't RiseDrop Baby DropIndependentCDtrack