08:00 amRobert johnsonCome on in my kitchenBest of robert johnsonSonyCDtrack
08:04 amFiona boyesBaptised in muddy's sweatBlues for hard timesVizztoneCDtrack
08:10 amJimmy reedTake out some insuranceNight time bluesInternational musicCDtrack
08:12 amJimmy reedHush hushNight time bluesInternational musicCDtrack
08:14 amHenry grayFinger snappin boogieLucky manBlind pigCDtrack
08:18 amBo diddleyRoad runnerThe best ofMcaCDtrack
08:22 amBo diddleyYou can't judge a book by the coverThe best ofMcaCDtrack
08:25 amGuy davisSlow motion daddySweetheart like youRed houseCDtrack
08:30 amLuther tuckerYou got what you wantedSad hoursAntonesCDtrack
08:34 amLuther tuckerPlayboySad hoursAntonesCDtrack
08:40 amKirk fletcherEl medio stompMy turnEclecto grooveCDtrack
08:44 amKirk fletcherFound loveMy turnEclectro grooveCDtrack
08:48 amGrayson cappsPoisonWail and rideHyenaCDtrack
08:51 amGrana louiseStagger leeGettin kinda roughDelmarkCDtrack
08:55 amBurton garrBad motor scooterMighty long roadLouisiana red hot recordsCDtrack
09:02 amMuddy watersMannish boyMuddy mississippi watersEpicCDtrack
09:09 amPopa chubbySomebody let the devil outThe essential popa chubbyBlind pigCDtrack
09:12 amPopa chubbyIf the diesel dont get youThe essential popa chubbyBlind pigCDtrack
09:17 amBuddy guyDone got oldSweet teaSilvertoneCDtrack
09:24 amMavis staplesDown in mississippiWe'll never turn backAntiCDtrack
09:28 amMavis staplesEyes on the prizeWe'll never turn backAntiCDtrack
09:33 amKeb moAmerica the beautifulKeb moOkeyCDtrack
09:39 amJohn primer, bob corritoreCairo bluesKnockin around these bleusDelta grooveCDtrack
09:42 amMight mojo prophetsStreet corner preacherFlyin home from memphisDelta grooveCDtrack
09:46 amClarence gatemouth brownBorn in louisianaStanding my groundAlligatorCDtrack
09:54 amMike morgan and te crawlLosing groundMighty fine dancingBlack topCDtrack
09:58 amMike morgan and the cr4awlFrankie's bluesMighty fine dancingBlacktopCDtrack
10:05 amBlues notionsGet yourself back homeThis is itBlue jewelCDtrack
10:09 amEverett devan, millie edwardsWhat a wonWhere there's hopeCypress recoveryCDtrack
10:20 amJohn hiattThe tiki is openThe tiki is openParamountCDtrack
10:25 amDoug macleodHorse with no riderThe utrecht sessionsCrossroadsCDtrack
10:30 amStacy mitchartSay the wordGrown ass manIndepCDtrack
10:35 amHolmes brothersLove trainSpeaking in tonguesAlligatorCDtrack
10:41 amMose allisonSwingin machineThe best of mose allisonAtlanticCDtrack
10:43 amMose allisonNew parchmanThe best ofAtlanticCDtrack
10:46 amJohn lee hookerLeave my wife aloneOne bourbon one scotch one beerHallmarkCDtrack
10:48 amJohn lee hookerOne bourbon one scotch one beerOne bourbon one scotch one beerHallmarkCDtrack
10:54 amLaurie morvan bandNothin but the bluesFire it upScreamin lizardCDtrack