11:01 amJackie OatesSleepers AwakeLullabiesECC RecordsCDtrack
11:05 amWhapweaselCountry LifeFestivalisWhapweaselCDtrack
11:12 amTom WillettThe Blacksmith Courted MeThe Roving JourneymenTopicCDtrack
11:15 amKatie RoseThe Maid on the ShoreFroots43FrootsCDtrack
11:20 amOlivia ChaneyThe King's HorsesOlivia ChaneyMetric AcornCDtrack
11:29 amChriss WillettThe Rambling SailorThe Roving JourneymenTopicCDtrack
11:35 amStephanie Hladowski and C. JoynesDied for LoveThe Wild Wild BerryBo'Weavil RecordingsCDtrack
11:38 amWhapweaselHigh Barbaree/No Money for VodkaFestivalisWhapweaselCDtrack
11:48 amJohn KirkpatrickThe Pompalarie JigEvery Mortal PlaceFledg'lingCDtrack
11:52 amJohn KirkpatrickThe Shropshire Militia HornpipeEvery Mortal PlaceFledg'lingCDtrack
11:55 amNic JonesThe Bonny Bunch of RosesSecond Solo EPLeader RecordsCDtrack
12:01 pmOlivia ChaneyBalladeOlivia ChaneyMetric AcornCDtrack
12:09 pmJackie OatesJunkLullabiesECC RecordsCDtrack
12:12 pmNic JonesDance to Your DaddySecond Solo EPLeader RecordsCDtrack
12:14 pmCarthy, Hardy, Farrell and YoungLittle BirdsFroots43FrootsCDtrack
12:19 pmJackie OatesAlexander Beetle/Farewell NelLullabiesECC RecordsCDtrack
12:23 pmJohn KirkpatrickOld Father FoxEvery Mortal PlaceFledg'lingCDtrack
12:32 pmWhapweaselLove HenryFestivalisWhapweaselCDtrack
12:36 pmStephanie Hladowski and C. JoynesThe Bitter WithyThe Wild Wild BerryBo'Weavil RecordingsCDtrack
12:42 pmNic JonesLittle MusgraveBallads and SongsLeader RecordsCDtrack
12:52 pmOlivia ChaneySwimming in the Longest RiverOlivia ChaneyMetric AcornCDtrack
12:56 pmHeidi TalbotArcadiaAngels Without WingsCompassCDtrack