07:00 amDavid RovicsWalking on the CeilingHar, Ha, Har, Har, Songs About Pirates, Penguins, and Punk Rock BabiesIndependentCDtrack
07:04 amDavid RovicsJohn BrownLive at KKFIIndependentCDtrack
07:11 amConnie DoverCavortLive at KKFIIndependentCDtrack
07:15 amJoe CarrPoem for Rachel Corrie six years laterLive at KKFIIndependentCDtrack
07:19 amJoe CarrShe Was My SisterLive at KKFIIndependentCDtrack
07:22 amSimon and GarfunkelApril Come She WillSounds of SilenceColumbiaCDtrack
07:26 amSparky & Rhonda RuckerBuffalo Soldier SuiteTreasures and TearsIndependentCDtrack
07:35 amBob DylanBallad on Donald WhiteThe Best pf Brpadside 1962-1988Smithsonian folkways RecordingsCDtrack
07:42 amNicolette PaigeVanishing CarsLive at KKFIIndependentCDtrack
07:45 amTruckstop HoneymoonBeautiful FireGreat Big FamilySquirrel RecordsCDtrack
07:48 amDavid GansShove ion the Right DirectionThe Ones That Look The Weirdest Taste The BestPerfiectable RecordingsCDtrack
07:53 amGreat Big SeaConcerning Charlie HorseThe Hard and the EasyZoeCDtrack
07:56 amThe EldersBetter Days AheadGael DayIndependentCDtrack
08:04 amDrepung Gomang MonksChant # 1Live at KKFIIndependentCDtrack
08:08 amHello PeopleJust One VictoryHandsome DevilsABC/Dunhill RecordsCDtrack
08:12 amMickey Hart's Mystery BoxFull Stream AheadMickey Hart's Mystery BoxRykoCDtrack
08:18 amFast Johnny RickerArise and DigArise & DigIndependentCDtrack
08:24 amCharlie Musslewhite with Derek TrucksCat's SquirrelTo Cry You a Song: A Collection of Tull TalesMagna CartaCDtrack
08:32 amMonty PythonStringThe Final Rip OffVirgin Records AmericaCDtrack
08:35 amLydia LunchWhy Don't We Do it in the RoadDowntown Does the Beatles Live at the Knitting FactoryKnitting Factory WorksCDtrack
08:38 amThe FoolsPsycho ChickenSingleIndependentCDtrack
08:44 amBela FleckKatmanduSingleWarner BrothersCDtrack
08:50 amSparky & Rhonda RuckerBig Road BluesMidnight MemoriesA Gentle Wind/TremontCDtrack
08:53 amEnter the HaggisCameosGutter AnthemsUnited for OpportunityCDtrack