12:00 pmKris KristoffersonSunday Morning Coming DownThe Austin SessionsAtlanticCDtrack
12:06 pmAbigail WashburnSong of the Traveling DaughterWinter's Come and GoneIndependentCDtrack
12:09 pmFlanders & SwannHippopotomous SongAt the Drop of a HatEMI RecordsCDtrack
12:12 pmOpen HouseJackson & JaneSecond StoryGreen LinnetCDtrack
12:22 pmStan SlaughterPut Me In the Compost PileRot 'N RollEcoTroubadourCDtrack
12:24 pmBill SteeleGarbageGarbage & Other GarbageBay RecordsCDtrack
12:30 pmStan SlaughterGarbage BluesRot 'N RollEcoTroubadourCDtrack
12:34 pmNancy WhiteI Sweep the SidewalkThese TimesBorealisCDtrack
12:36 pmKasey RauschThe Lawn SongBorn Near the WatersIndependentCDtrack
12:39 pmEvalyn ParryBottle This!These TimesBorealisCDtrack
12:47 pmKris KristoffersonTo Beat the DevilThe Austin SessionsAtlanticCDtrack
12:52 pmTom RushDrift AwayWhat I KnowAppleseedCDtrack
12:56 pmTangleweedDead FlowersMost Folk Heroes Started Out As CriminalsSquatney RecordsCDtrack
01:06 pmMick JaggerWild Colonial BoyNed KellyUnited ArtistsCDtrack
01:10 pmWaylon JenningsSon of a ScoundrelNed KellyUnited ArtistsCDtrack
01:17 pmMartyn Wyndham-ReadStringybark CreekNed Kelly & That GangLeadersoundCDtrack
01:21 pmWaylon JenningsLonigan's Widow/Ranchin' In the Evenin'Ned KellyUnited ArtistsCDtrack
01:26 pmAndy CohenSquabblin' BluesMississippi Heavy Water BluesRiverlark MusicCDtrack
01:29 pmTim ThompsonBring On the GiantsBring On the GiantsIndependentCDtrack
01:34 pmDan BlissKey to the CityOpen for BusinessPragmatic RecordsCDtrack
01:40 pmKellyWorld Turned Upside Down/Julie Delaney's/KarsilimasKellyIndependentCDtrack
01:45 pmBilly Bragg and the Young CoppersHard Times of Old EnglandSing Out Vol. 52#2Sing OutCDtrack
01:50 pmMartin Hayes & Dennis CahillThe Night Poor Larry Was StretchedSing Out Vol. 52 #2Sing OutCDtrack
01:54 pmBlue Sky BoysTurn Your Radio OnOn Radio Vol 2Copper CreekCDtrack
01:56 pmBlue Sky BoysWhere We'll Never Grow OldOn Radio Vol 2Copper CreekCDtrack
01:58 pmAndy CohenBig Bill (The Moppers Blues)Ridiculous InstrumentalsRiverlarkCDtrack