11:02 pmMorphineKerouacKicks Joy DarknessRykodiscCDtrack
11:05 pmComeMad RoadKicks Joy DarknessRykodiscCDtrack
11:10 pmCyclown CirkusOl' JoeCyclown CirkusIndependentCDtrack
11:18 pmCyclown CirkusSweet Lotus BlossomCyclown CirkusIndependentCDtrack
11:31 pmBob Marley and the WailersSo Much Things to SayExodusIsland/Tuff GongCDtrack
11:34 pmThe Beastie BoysThe Negotiation Limmerick FileHello NastyCapitolCDtrack
11:37 pmThe CoastersYakety YakStand By MeAtlanticCDtrack
11:48 pmThe Presidents of the United States of AmericaNaked and FamousThe Presidents of the United States of AmericaPopLlamaCDtrack
11:58 pmMonty PythonAlways Look On The Bright Side of LIfeMonty Python SingsVirgin Records AmericaCDtrack