12:01 pmJames RaynardYonder He GoesStrange HistoriesOne Little Indian USCDtrack
12:04 pmThe WatersonsCountry LifeFor Pence and Spicy AleShanachieCDtrack
12:09 pmThe WatersonsThe Good Old WayFor Pence and Spicy AleShanachieCDtrack
12:19 pmRobin and Barry DransfieldPeggy GordonUp to NowFree ReedCDtrack
12:22 pmRobin and Barry DransfieldTrees They Do Grow HighTroubadours of British FolkRhino/WeaCDtrack
12:29 pmJez Lowe and the Bad PenniesHomefires/Felton Lonnen/Here's the Tender ComingTenterhooksGreen LinnetCDtrack
12:36 pmJez Lowe and Jake WaltonThe BergenTwo a RoueTantabie RecordsCDtrack
12:42 pmBob FoxShoals of HerringBorrowed MomentsTopicCDtrack
12:47 pmBob FoxLife is Not Kind to the Drinking ManBorrowed MomentsTopicCDtrack
12:53 pmBob DavenportTramps and HawkersAcoustic Folk BoxTopicCDtrack
12:59 pmEwan MacCollBallad of AccountingBlack and WhiteCooking VinylCDtrack
01:02 pmEwan MacColl and Peggy SeegerGet Rid of ItKilroy Was HereMegaphone ImportsCDtrack
01:09 pmJim MorayFair and Tender LoversSprig of ThymeNIAG RecordsCDtrack
01:13 pmJim MorayThe Suffolk MiracleSweet EnglandNIAG RecordsCDtrack
01:21 pmNick DrakeTime Has Told MeWay to BlueHannibalCDtrack
01:25 pmNick DrakeFruit TreeWay to BlueHannibalCDtrack
01:32 pmLal and Mike WatersonBright PhoebusAcoustic Folk BoxTopicCDtrack
01:35 pmJim MorayAll You Pretty GirlsFolk Awards 2009BBCCDtrack
01:40 pmJez Lowe and the Bad PenniesA Call for the North CountryAcoustic Folk BoxTopicCDtrack
01:43 pmBob FoxRecruited CollierThe BlastTopicCDtrack
01:48 pmEwan MacCollLooking for a JobBlack and WhiteCooking VinylCDtrack
01:53 pmBob DavenportAlabama SongThe Common StoneTopicCDtrack