12:00 pmThe Owl ServiceKatie CruelA Garland of SongSouthern RecordsCDtrack
12:03 pmMawkin CausleyYe Mariners AllCold RuinNavigatorCDtrack
12:13 pmBanjo JoeMy Money Never Runs OutGood For What Ails YouOld Hat RecordsCDtrack
12:16 pmJoe RobertsCat Came BackNew CDIndependentCDtrack
12:37 pmEd MillerThe Rigs O'BarleyLyrics of GoldIndependentCDtrack
12:42 pmKellyHired Hands/Sarsfield's MarchDairIndependentCDtrack
12:47 pmAnne FeeneyLook to the Left of the DialLook to the Left of the DialIndependentCDtrack
01:02 pmMike AgranoffHamletThe Modern Folk MusicianIndependentCDtrack
01:10 pmMammalsChan ChanRock That BabeSignature SoundsCDtrack
01:23 pmMarin Hayes & Dennis CahillThe Clare ReelWelcome Here AgainCompass RecordsCDtrack
01:25 pmMartin Hayes & Dennis CahillThe Night Poor Larry Was Stretched/P.Joe's ReelWelcome Here AgainCompass RecordsCDtrack
01:29 pmTim ThompsonIndecision BluesRevved UpHidden Giant MusicCDtrack
01:42 pmJoe Roberts/Yossarian's LamentSilver JackNew AlbumIndependentCDtrack
01:48 pmStovepipe #1 and David CrockettA Chicken Can Waltz the Gravy AroundGood for What Ails YouOld Hat RecordsCDtrack
01:58 pmKellyHired HandsDairIndepdendentCDtrack