12:00 pmSolasTilly's Jig/The Happy TravelerFor Love and LaughterCompass RecordsCDtrack
12:06 pmTommy SandsYoung Man's DreamLet the Circle Be WideAppleseed RecordsCDtrack
12:10 pmMartinHayes and Dennis CahillP. Joe's ReelWelcome Here AgainCompass RecordsCDtrack
12:12 pmSteve TilstonThe Road WhenI Was YoungZigguratPhantom Sound and VisionCDtrack
12:21 pmBellowheadFakenham FairMatachinNavigator RecordsCDtrack
12:25 pmEd MillerRigs O' BarleyLyrics of GoldIndependentCDtrack
12:34 pmMaddy PriorJock of HazeldeanSeven for Old EnglandPark Records U.K.CDtrack
12:39 pmMulholland/Hendry/McSherryThe Killavil/The Lost Ring/Malcolm's New FiddleTuned UpIndependentCDtrack
12:45 pmPatricia ClarkThe Banks of SullaneThe Lark's MarchIndependentCDtrack
12:54 pmMaddy PriorTrooper's NagSeven for Old EnglandPark Records U.K.CDtrack
12:56 pmOwl ServiceKatie CruelA Garland of SongSouthern RecordsCDtrack
01:02 pmMawkin CausleyYe Mariners AllCold RuinIndependentCDtrack
01:06 pmMawkin CausleyCome My LadsCold RuinIndependentCDtrack
01:12 pmOwl ServiceFlanders ShoreA Garland of SongSouthern RecordsCDtrack
01:17 pmMartin Hayes and Dennis CahillThe Night Poor Larry Was StretchedWelcome Here AgainCompass RecordsCDtrack
01:19 pmEmberFar From HomeFolk Rising 2Phantom Sound and VisionCDtrack
01:30 pmKellyHired Hands/Sarsfield's MarchDairIndependentCDtrack
01:34 pmMartin Hayes andDennis CahillClare ReelWelcome Here AgainPhantom Sound and VisionCDtrack
01:36 pmKarine PolwartSorryThis Earthly SpellPhantom Sound and VisionCDtrack
01:41 pmRuth NotmanLimboThreadsPhantom Sound and VisionCDtrack
01:47 pmMaddy PriorDives and LazarusSeven for Old EnglandPark Records U.K.CDtrack
01:52 pmBella HardyDown in Yon ForestNight VisitingIndependentCDtrack
01:56 pmThe MaerlockBide Lady BideFolk Rising 2Phantom Sound and VisionCDtrack