08:00 amCyril nevilleCream them beansBest of cyril nevilleMcCDtrack
08:06 amRobert jr lockwoodRambling on my mindEvidence blues samplerEvidenceCDtrack
08:09 amCarrie smithTrouble in mindEvidence blues samplerEvidenceCDtrack
08:14 amRoy rogersYour mind is on vacationRhythm and groovePointblankCDtrack
08:18 amMillage gilbertBorn in missouri3 facesRed hot recordsCDtrack
08:23 amJeremiah johnson bandSweet teaBrand spankin n blueFroggy styleCDtrack
08:31 amBb kingEarly in the morningBb king and friendsUniversalCDtrack
08:36 amCharlie musselwhiteJust a feelingRemembering little walterBlind pigCDtrack
08:41 amJohn lee hookerOne bourbon one scotch one beerOne bourbon one scotch one beerHallmarkCDtrack
08:45 amPeter karp, sue foleyChance of rainBeyond the crossroadsBlind pigCDtrack
08:49 amPaul delayI know you got another manNice and strongEvidenceCDtrack
08:52 amRichard johnstonDo the rompFoot hill stompIndepCDtrack
09:00 amCassie taylorMemphisNot specifiedNot specifiedCDtrack
09:04 amBig jack johnsonOil manOil manEarwigCDtrack
09:07 amRl burnsideIts bad you knowCome on inFat possumCDtrack
09:11 amBilly branchNick's grooveBilly branch and the sons of bluesBlue sunCDtrack
09:17 amDeanna bogartStill the girl the bandTiming is everythingIntensified musicCDtrack
09:25 amWalter wolfman washingtonMary annFunk is in the houseBullseyeCDtrack
09:32 amIan mooreHarlemIan mooreCapricornCDtrack
09:38 amSwamp cabbageMore booty with buddhaMore booty with buddhaHonkCDtrack
09:43 amSolomon burkeNone of us are freeDon't give up on meAntiCDtrack
09:48 amMary gauthierMercy nowMercy nowLost highwayCDtrack
09:55 amBill perrySettle down fredLove scarsPoint blankCDtrack