09:00 pmBaka beyondOhureoThe meeting poolRykoCDtrack
09:00 pmPaul simonCan't run, butThe rhythm of the saintsWarner brothersCDtrack
09:00 pmRodrigo y gabriellaHora zero11:11ATOCDtrack
09:00 pmCaetano velosoWait until tomorrowTropicalia 2ElektraCDtrack
09:00 pmBooker t & the m.g.sChicken poxMelting potStaxCDtrack
09:00 pmThe bandLife is a carnivalCahootsCapitolCDtrack
09:00 pmBeastie boysHey ladyPaul's boutiqueCapitolCDtrack
09:00 pmAugustus pabloKing tubby meets the rockers uptownGroove yardMangoCDtrack
09:00 pmSandy nelsonLet there be drumsTeen beatAceCDtrack
09:00 pmFiona appleI knowWhen the pawn..EpicCDtrack
09:00 pmThe boo radleysLeaves and sandGiant stepsColumbiaCDtrack
09:00 pmJack whiteI guess i should go to sleepBlunderbussXLCDtrack
09:00 pmSonic youthEric's tripDaydream nationSSTCDtrack
10:00 pmBeaver & krauseGandharvaGandharvaWarner brothersCDtrack
10:00 pmFlaming lipsThunder drops..and some heady fwendsWarner brothersCDtrack
10:00 pmThe mothersMain theme/project xUncle meatRykoCDtrack
10:00 pmBeaver & krauseBy your graceGandharvaWarner brothersCDtrack
10:00 pmDan meshSummer's comin'DemoIndependentCDtrack
10:00 pmTodd newmanLovin' you ain't easyTemporary setbackBarber's itchCDtrack
10:00 pmErik voeksThere's a lightFree rangeIndependentCDtrack
10:00 pmThe rainmakersWidth of a lineFlirting with the universeIndependentCDtrack
10:00 pmJeb loy nicholsFalling fastOkra all starsOkraCDtrack
10:00 pmSyd strawThe toughest girl in the worldWar and peaceCapricornCDtrack
10:00 pmNeil youngHold back the tearsAmerican stars and barsRepriseCDtrack
10:00 pmGene clarkSo sadThrough the morningA&mCDtrack
10:00 pmBlue aeroplanesYour agesSwaggerFireCDtrack
10:00 pmEric andersenMore often than notBlue riverColumbiaCDtrack