12:01 pmJohn KloefkornThe Loup River NightcrawlersA Year of the Prairie DogPrairie Dog MusicCDtrack
12:08 pmEric & Suzy ThompsonBeaver Slide RagDream ShadowsHerringboneCDtrack
12:11 pmEric & Suzy ThompsonMidnight on the Water/KC Railroad BluesDream ShadowsHerringboneCDtrack
12:18 pmSparky & Rhonda RuckerBound for the Promised LandThe Mountains Above and the Valleys BelowTremont ProductionsCDtrack
12:25 pmEric & Suzy ThompsonLloyd BatemanDream ShadowsHerringboneCDtrack
12:31 pmSparky & Rhonda RuckerTom DooleyThe Mountains Above and the Valleys BelowTremont ProductionsCDtrack
12:45 pmSkip GormanCruel Willy/Dry & DustyMandolin in the Cow CampOld WestCDtrack
12:49 pmSkip GormanCowboy Jig/Gerry OwenMandolin in the Cow CampOld WestCDtrack
12:52 pmKevin Burke & Ged FoleyMick Ryan's LamentIn TandemIndependentCDtrack
12:56 pmKevin Burke & Ged FoleyWe Walk the Black SeamIn TandemIndependentCDtrack
01:06 pmLou & Peter BerrymanHomelessnessSome DaysCornbelt RecordsCDtrack
01:10 pmLou & Peter BerrymanThe Famliy CarYour States Name HereCornbelt RecordsCDtrack
01:13 pmLou & Peter BerrymanDem DeerSome DaysCornbelt RecordsCDtrack
01:18 pmJuggernautsSan Francisco Bay BluesLive LunchIndependentCDtrack
01:23 pmJuggernautsJug Band MusicLive LunchIndependentCDtrack
01:27 pmNew North Carolina RamblersRagtime AnnieFour and a HalfOld Blue RecordsCDtrack
01:31 pmNew North Carolina RamblersChinese BreakdownFour and a HalfOld Blue RecordsCDtrack
01:40 pmCindy Eggar & Larry YatesMurderes on the Cumberland Plateau/CuckooFinger Pickin' GoodIndependentCDtrack
01:45 pmMason BrownI Hate the Capitalist SystemWhen Humans Walked the EarthRound Shining MusicCDtrack
01:49 pmMorten Gunnar LarsenRustles of SpringRagtime and RhapsodyHerman RecordsCDtrack
01:55 pmChristian Wig, Whitt Mead, Joe LaRoseDevil in the Woodpile/All YoungLost IndianYodel-Ay-HeeCDtrack
01:57 pmChristian Wig, Whitt Mead, Joe LaRoseDan TuckerLost IndianYodel-Ay-HeeCDtrack