12:00 pmPint, Dale and LewisRolling Down to RioMaking WavesSelf-Propelled MusicCDtrack
12:04 pmJon CampbellCatch & ReleaseCatch & ReleaseIndependentCDtrack
12:07 pmJohn RobertsLet the Bulgine Run/Sally In the Garden/Hog Eye ManSea FeverGolden Hind RecordsCDtrack
12:11 pmPint and DalePump Shanty/Jump at the SunHearts of GoldWaterbugCDtrack
12:25 pmConnie DoverSweet Betsy From PikeBorder of HeavenTaylor ParkCDtrack
12:30 pmGary KirklandCowboy Night Herding SongShootin' the Works On LoveDarkhorse ProductionsCDtrack
12:32 pmTurlach BoylanAirShame the DevilCeltic AmericaCDtrack
12:35 pmTullamoreMy Johnny Was A ShoemakerWild and Wicked YouthTullamoreCDtrack
12:49 pmMary McCaslinPinball WizardOld FriendsPhiloCDtrack
12:53 pmBob CarlinHey Mr. SpacemanMr. SpacemanCarTunesCDtrack
12:58 pmMary McCaslinBlackbirdOld FriendsPhiloCDtrack
01:06 pmFred WedlockThe FolkerThe Folker/FrollicksVillage ThingCDtrack
01:10 pmEric BogleDo You Know Any DylanSinging the Spirit HomeCeltic AmericaCDtrack
01:16 pmBob DylanWhen the Ship Comes InNo Direction HomeColumbia/LegacyCDtrack
01:28 pmPint and DaleWreck of the Lady WashingtonHearts of GoldWaterbugCDtrack
01:34 pmCaladh NuaThe Cruel Lowland MaidNext StopCaldh MiaCDtrack
01:39 pmBarrand & RobertsThe Flying DutchmanAcross the Western OceanSwallowtail RecordsCDtrack
01:41 pmBellowheadNew York GirlsHedonismNavigator/NaxesCDtrack
01:54 pmJohn Roberts, John Rockwell, Larry YoungRolling Down to Old MauiYe Mariners AllGolden Hind MusicCDtrack
01:58 pmSusanne RosenbergHerding Call from Gammelboning, SwedenWizard Women of the NorthNorthside RecordsCDtrack