09:00 amCyril nevilleCream them beansBEST OF CYRIL NEVILLEMc recordsCDtrack
09:04 amTommy mccoyNever shouldve listenedLate in the lonely nightEarwigCDtrack
09:11 amLittle ed and the blues imperialsKicked me to the curbJumpstartAlligatorCDtrack
09:14 amRj mischoBiscuit is backMake it goodDelta grooveCDtrack
09:17 amRj mischoElavator juiceMake it goodDelta grooveCDtrack
09:19 amAlbert bashorPoodle ribsCotton fields of dreamsEarwigCDtrack
09:27 amGrana' louiseLead foot mamaGettin kinda roughDelmarkCDtrack
09:32 amSeasick steveThings go upDoghouse musicBronze ratCDtrack
09:35 amLittle hatchUnion hallRock with me babyApoCDtrack
09:38 amLittle hatchRock with me babyRock with me babyApoCDtrack
09:43 amCotton candy and so many menPlayhouseThe best of so many menIndepCDtrack
09:49 amPaul delayI know you got another manNice and strongEvidenceCDtrack
09:52 amPaul delayOver and doneNice and strongEvidenceCDtrack
10:01 amJunkyard menKeep on workinKeep on workinInside soundCDtrack
10:05 amBonnie raittRight down the lineSlipstreamRedwingCDtrack
10:10 amBonnie raittUsed to rule the worldSlipstreamRedwingCDtrack
10:18 amJimmy johnsonTake fiveJohnson's whacksDelmarkCDtrack
10:22 amJimmy johnsonStrange how i miss youJohnson's whacksDelmarkCDtrack
10:26 amMuddy watersLouisiana bluesThe definitive collectionChessCDtrack
10:29 amMuddy watersI'm readyThe definitive collectionChessCDtrack
10:33 amThe crawlGypsy loverFull moon over dallasBlacktopCDtrack
10:40 amShemekia copelandHoney do that voodooThe soul truthAlligatorCDtrack
10:43 amKilborne alleyTrain to memphisBetter off nowBlue bellaCDtrack
10:49 amChris watsonPleasure and painPleasure and painGator musicCDtrack
10:54 amJeff pitchellStep upAmerican girlVizztoneCDtrack
10:58 amJeff pitchellSeriouslyAmerican girlVizztoneCDtrack
11:03 amMagic slim and the teardropsMoved to kansas cityRaising the barBlind pigCDtrack
11:07 amPaul sammons band and south lightsWoke up this morningWoke up this morningIndepCDtrack
11:11 amBobby rushHowlin wolfRawDeep rush recordsCDtrack
11:15 amBobby rushWhat's going onRawDeep rush recordsCDtrack
11:19 amHowlin wolfI aint superstitousBest of the wolfMcaCDtrack
11:24 amBarbara blueRainy night in memphisLive!Big blueCDtrack
11:29 amTracy nelsonYou'll be mineVictim of the bluesDelta grooveCDtrack
11:31 amTracy nelsonLead a horse to waterYou'll be mineDelta grooveCDtrack
11:40 amPaul thornShelter me lordWhat the hell is goin onPERPETUAL OBSCURITYCDtrack
11:44 amPaul thornSmall town folkWhat the hell is goin onPERPETUAL OBSCURITYCDtrack
11:49 amMark selbyShe's like mercuryM ore storms cominVanguardCDtrack
11:53 amBig mama thorntonUnlucky girlBall and chainArhoolieCDtrack