12:00 pmBob ReederPaddy's Green Shamrock ShoreThe Auld CountryBlackthorn RecordsCDtrack
12:12 pmAnn ReedCoffee Tastes Better When You Were HereWhere the Earth Is RoundTurtlecub PublishingCDtrack
12:16 pmMichael JohnathonEast Virginia BluesRavenwoodPoetMan RecordsCDtrack
12:20 pmJoe RobertsA Horse Named BillCabin FeverIndependentCDtrack
12:29 pmKim & Reggie Harris with MagpieLiving PlanetSpoken LoveLong Tall RecordsCDtrack
12:33 pmMike Marker & Larry HanksThe Fragile SeaThe Truth For CertainDandelion RecordsCDtrack
12:38 pmWoody GuthrieThis Land Is Your LandMy Dusty RoadRounderCDtrack
12:47 pmMeghan DudleDown The River I GoYou Are Always In My DreamsHalf Sashay MusicCDtrack
12:54 pmDitch LilliesWhy I'm WalkingDitch LilliesIndependentCDtrack
12:56 pmBig MedicineWhat Does The Lonesome Dove SayPine to PineYodel-Ay-HeeCDtrack
01:05 pmJohn HartfordIn Tall BuildingsMy Oh My How the Time Does FlyFlying FishCDtrack
01:09 pmStan RogersThe White Collar HollerBetween the Breaks - LiveFogarty's CoveCDtrack
01:12 pmAnn ReedA Song For The End of the DayWhere the Earth Is RoundTurtlecub PublishingCDtrack
01:25 pmGinny Hawker & Kay JusticeWalking the Kings HighwayA Tribute to the Music of the Original Carter FamilyCopper CreekCDtrack
01:28 pmGinny Hawker & Kay JusticeI Loved You Better Than You KnowA Tribute to the Music of the Original Carter FamilyCopper CreekCDtrack
01:31 pmMichael SmithFamous In FranceSuch Things Are Finely DoneReal Eye ProductionsCDtrack
01:38 pmDan Levenson with Boiled BuzzardsBrandywine/Three Forks of ReedyEarly Bird SpecialBuzzard ProductionsCDtrack
01:42 pmWaybacksI Wanna Be Like YouDevolverFiddling Cricket MusicCDtrack
01:46 pmKellyKellyBlood & GoldIndependentCDtrack
01:53 pmRagtime SkedaddlersCreole BellesRagtime SkedaddlersIndependentCDtrack
01:56 pmCathy Barton & Dave ParaWaiting for the BelleSweet JourneysRoustabout RecordsCDtrack