12:00 pmMartin Hayes and Dennis CahillMalqueen'sWelcome Here AgainCompassCDtrack
12:02 pmMick Ryan and Paul DownesYoung Men AllGrand ConversationWild GooseCDtrack
12:09 pmMartin Hayes and Dennis CahillJenny's Welcome to CharlieWelcome Here AgainCompassCDtrack
12:12 pmJim MorayThree Black FeathersLow CultureNiag RecordsCDtrack
12:17 pmCeltic Fiddle FestivalReel Desjarlis/L'accroche-pied/DanseEquinoxeLoftus MusicCDtrack
12:21 pmJenna ReidThe Wild White SwanLaughing GirlFoot Stompin' RecordsCDtrack
12:24 pmCeltic Fiddle FestivalSir Sydney Smith's MarchEquinoxeLoftus MusicCDtrack
12:28 pmThe ClaqueDrink, Puppy DrinkSounding NowWild GooseCDtrack
12:36 pmCeilidhographyGilderoy/Roxburgh CastleSpots on the SunFolksoundCDtrack
12:40 pmBrian PetersSix Nights DrunkSongs of Trial and TriumphPhantom Sound and VisionCDtrack
12:43 pmCeilidhographyThe New Rigger Ship/Upton on Severn/From the New CountrySpots on the SunFolksoundCDtrack
12:50 pmBellowheadWhiskey is the Life of ManMatachinNavigator RecordsCDtrack
12:55 pmRonan MartinJennie Smith/Bogan Lochan/ Miss Brady/ Sandy CameronRonan MartinWildcat RecordsCDtrack
01:00 pmMick Ryan and Paul DownesGrand ConversationGrand ConversationWild GooseCDtrack
01:08 pmRonan MartinThe New House in St. Peter'sRonan MartinWildcat RecordsCDtrack
01:12 pmGrace NotesThe Dewy OnesNorthern TideFellsideCDtrack
01:18 pmDick GaughanThe Accrington McBrides/Mulvihill's Hornpipe/The Wexford AssemblyLive! At the Trades ClubGreentraxCDtrack
01:24 pmKaran CaseyJohnny I Hardly Knew YeShips in the ForestCompass RecordsCDtrack
01:29 pmJenna ReidDa Cappie StaneLaughing GirlFoot Stompin' RecordsCDtrack
01:33 pmSteve TilstonThe Spoils of WarZigguratPhantom Sound and VisionCDtrack
01:42 pmCeilidhographyEdward's/Ellie's WaltzesSpots on the SunFolksoundCDtrack
01:48 pmMalinkyWhen Margaret Was ElevenFlower & IronMad River RecordsCDtrack
01:55 pmMaeve Donnelly and Tony McManusGeaghan's/St. Ruth's Bush/Mountain Road/Kilty TownFlame on the BanksIndependentCDtrack