12:00 pmBob WalserI Joined A Ship To Take A TripOutward Bound on the J.M. CarpenterOld and New TraditionCDtrack
12:06 pmDan and Bonnie Milner, Dierdre MurthaA Yankee Man of WarCivil War Naval SongsSmithsonian FolkwaysCDtrack
12:10 pmDavid CoffinThe Sailor's GraveCivil War Naval SongsSmithsonian FolkwaysCDtrack
12:14 pmJohn Hoffman & Mac BenfordBrushy Fork of John's CreekIt's About Time5-String ProductionsCDtrack
12:16 pmJeff Davis with Mark Manuel, Dierdre Murtha and Dan MilnerThe AlabamaCivil War Naval SongsSmithsonian FolkwaysCDtrack
12:26 pmTom KastleCarrying Nelson HomeTommy's Gone to HiloMadysen MusicCDtrack
12:32 pmJohn Hoffman & Mac BenfordHenry Reed MedleyIt's About Time5-String ProductionsCDtrack
12:36 pmJeff DavisCumberland & the MerrimacSome Fabulous YonderIndependentCDtrack
12:46 pmBrian PetersHind HornLinesPugwash MusicCDtrack
12:51 pmBrian PetersThe Sidewinder/The Magic Tomato/Captain Cook's JigLinesPugwash MusicCDtrack
12:55 pmJeff DavisRiver DrivingSome Fabulous YonderIndependentCDtrack
12:59 pmJeff DavisDoney GalSome Fabulous YonderIndependentCDtrack
01:07 pmBob WalserTiger BayOutward Bound on the J.M. CarpenterOld and New TraditionCDtrack
01:11 pmBob WebbA Liverpool PacketFrom Salthouse DockRichmond Webb AssociatesCDtrack
01:16 pmBob WalserOur Anchor Is Up to the BowOutward Bound on the J.M. CarpenterOld and New TraditionCDtrack
01:19 pmTom KastleCappy John's BrideTommy's Gone to HiloMadysen MusicCDtrack
01:28 pmClarke BuehlingThe Arkansas SheikOut Of His GourdIndependentCDtrack
01:30 pmFabulous Freddie and the Doo-WopsMoneyDemo CDIndependentCDtrack
01:36 pmRoll And GoSail O BelieverLook Out!IndependentCDtrack
01:39 pmRoll And GoNeptune's DaughterLook Out!IndependentCDtrack
01:43 pmMartin and Shan GraebeThe Bold PrivateerDusty DiamondsWildGoose StudiosCDtrack
01:46 pmTom KastleIn Fire Is Iron BornTommy's Gone to HiloMadysen MusicCDtrack
01:50 pmBob WebbHello Somebody/One More DayFrom Salthouse DockRichmond Webb AssociatesCDtrack
01:53 pmBob WebbGoodbye Fare Thee WellFrom Salthouse DockRichmond Webb AssociatesCDtrack
01:56 pmJohn Hoffman and Mac BenfordGetting UpstairsIt's About Time5-String ProductionsCDtrack