01:00 amJimmie RogersBlue Yodel #3Jimmie Rogers- The Singing BrakemanBear FamilyCDtrack
12:00 pmLouie Bluie & Ted BoganTed's StompViolin, Sing the Blues For Me/African-American Fiddlers 1926-1949Old HatCDtrack
12:04 pmUtah PhillipsIntroStarlight on the Rails/A SongbookDaemonCDtrack
12:05 pmUtah PhillpsDaddy What's a TrainStarlight on the Rails/ A SongbookDaemonCDtrack
12:08 pmWoody GuthrieMy Daddy Flies a Ship in the SkyWoody Guthrie - MyDusty RoadRounderCDtrack
12:10 pmJimmie RogersDaddy & HomeJimmie Rogers - The Singing BrakemanBear FamilyCDtrack
12:14 pmEwan MaccollMy Old ManBlack & White-Ewan Maccoll- The Definitive CollectionGreen LinnetCDtrack
12:17 pmKate WolfAces, Straights & FlushesStarlight on the Rails/A SongbookDaemonCDtrack
12:20 pmGeorge MannLong GoneGeorge Mann - Songs for Jules & BruceRunning ScaredCDtrack
12:24 pmRik PalieriMy Father & MePanning for GoldAzalea RecordsCDtrack
12:28 pmGamble RogersNine Pound Hamer / Mother's Eyes, Father's HandsOklawaha County / Laisse- FaireOkalawahaCDtrack
12:30 pmMichael SmithI Brought My Father With MeSuch Things Are Finely Done / At Tales From A TavernTrumpet Vine SoundCDtrack
12:36 pmWoddy Guthrie & Glen DoyleWeatherVintage Radio Broadcast / Back From Where I CameIndieCDtrack
12:39 pmWoody GuthrieSo Long It's Been Good to Know YouVintage Radio Broadcast / Back From Where I CameIndieCDtrack
12:43 pmAlmanac Singers(Reprise)So Long It's Been Good to Know YouVintage Radio Broadcast / Back From Where I Cmae FromIndieCDtrack
12:46 pmFess Williams & His Riyal Flush OrchestraHot TownDown in the Basement / Joe Bussrad's Treasure Trove of Vintage 78"s - 1926-1937OldHatCDtrack
12:52 pmGene AutryAtlanta BoundDown in the Basement / Joe Bussard's Treasue Trove of Vimtage 78's - 1926-1937Old HatCDtrack
01:05 pmBob BrozmanI Can't Hardly Get AlongBob Brozman- Truckload of BluesRounderCDtrack
01:08 pmBob BrozmanJust As Well To Let Hr GoBob Brozman - Truckload of BluesRounderCDtrack
01:10 pmJack ElliotMe & Bobby McGeeRamblin Jack Elliot / Me & Bobby McGeeRounderCDtrack
01:13 pmJack ElliotReason to BelieveRamblin Jack Elliot / Me & Bobby McGeeRounderCDtrack
01:15 pmJack ElliotWith God On Our SideRamblin Jack Elliot / Me & Bobby McGeeRounderCDtrack
01:22 pmCarl Martin, Ted Bogan & Howard ArmstrongSheik of ArabyMartin, Bogan & the ArmstrongFlying FishCDtrack
01:26 pmCarl Martin, Ted Bogan & Howard ArmstrongDo You Call That A BuddyMartin, Bogan & the ArmstrongFlying FishCDtrack
01:30 pmCarl Martin, Ted Bogan & Howard ArmstrongChinatownMartin, Bogan & the ArmstrongFying FishCDtrack
01:36 pmHoward ArmstrongLouie BluieHowrad Armstrong / Louie BluieBlue SuitCDtrack
01:39 pmHoward ArmstrongLouie Bluie BluesHoward Armstrong / Louie BluieBlue SuitCDtrack
01:46 pmAp Carter, Sara Carter, Maybelle CarterYou Are My FlowerThe Carter Family / The Later Years 1935 - 1941JSPCDtrack
01:49 pmAo Carter, Sara Carter & Maybelle CarterBuddies in the SaddleThe Carter Family / The Later Years- 1935 - 1941JSPCDtrack
01:52 pmAp Carter, Sara Carter & Maybelle CarterGospel ShipThe Carter Family / The Later Years - 1935-1941JSPCDtrack
01:55 pmSteve GoodmanMy Old ManThe Best of the Asylum Years - Vol. 2Red PajamasCDtrack
01:58 pmRy CooderAlways Lift Him UpChicken SkinRepriseCDtrack
02:00 pmEnd of showEnd of showEnd fo showEnd of showCDtrack