08:00 amRobert johnsonCome on in my kitchenBest ofSonyCDtrack
08:05 amRobert crayI'm done cryingNothin but loveMascotCDtrack
08:24 amJohnny adamsLaughin and clowiningThe great johnny adams blues albumRounderCDtrack
08:28 amJohn lee hookerI'm in the moodThe healerCamelonCDtrack
08:35 amWillie kingAmericaLiving in a new worldRoosterCDtrack
08:39 amJp soarsMore bees with honeyMore bees with honeySoars high productiosnCDtrack
08:43 amSue foleyGoin downt he road againChangeRufCDtrack
08:46 amEric lindellGive it timeChange in teh weatherAlligatorCDtrack
08:52 amBobby blue blandI'm bobby bMemphis monday morningMalacoCDtrack
08:56 amBobby blue blandAint' no love in the heart of the cityGreatest hits vol 2McaCDtrack
09:01 amHolmes brothersPeace love and understandingState of graceAlligatorCDtrack
09:05 amPaul thornMission temple fireworks standMission temple fireworks standPerpetual obscurityCDtrack
09:09 amChris thomas kingWhat would jesus doRise21st century blueCDtrack
09:12 amIan siegalMoonshine minnieThe skinnyNugeneCDtrack
09:16 amTim gonzalesStraight from the heartStraight from the heartTimbo22 musicCDtrack
09:20 amTab benoitNight trainFever for the bayouTelarcCDtrack
09:26 amDerek terucks bandAlready freeAlready freeVictorCDtrack
09:29 amIndigenousThings we doThings we doPine creekCDtrack
09:33 amCyril nevilleThe blues is here to stayThe essential cyril nevilleMcCDtrack
09:38 amBonnie raittPapa come quickLuck of the drawCapitolCDtrack
09:42 amBuckwheat zydecoWhere there's smoke there's fireWhere there's smoke there's fireIslandCDtrack
09:49 amPaul delayChaulk and rollTake it from the turnaroudnEvidenceCDtrack
09:52 amRay charlesLvoe that little girl of mineThe atlantic yearsAtlanticCDtrack
09:55 amRay charlesIt should of been meThe best of ray charlesAtlanticCDtrack
09:57 amCurtis salgadoWhat you gonna doSoul shotAlligatorCDtrack
10:04 amTufI didnt tryBadlandsTelarcCDtrack
10:08 amTufDown to the riverBadlandsTelarcCDtrack
10:12 amTufBad bad feelingBadlandsTelarcCDtrack
10:18 amLittle charlie and the nightcatsMoney must think i'm deadThat's bigAlligatorCDtrack
10:22 amLittle charlie and the nightcatsThat's gibThat's bigAllgatorCDtrack
10:26 amCarey bellShort dress womanSecond natureAlligatorCDtrack
10:30 amMarcia ballCrawfishingLet me play with your poodleRounderCDtrack
10:34 amBuddy guyMidnight trainBuddy's badddestSilvertoneCDtrack
10:40 amBig george jacksonRubbish truckStraight blues 4 uIndepCDtrack
10:44 amJason ricciThe rockerRocket #9Eclecto grooveCDtrack
10:50 amRobert cray24/7 manTake off your shoesRykodiscCDtrack
10:54 amDeanna bogartIn the rainPianolandBlind pigCDtrack