08:00 pmCrack The SkyIceCrack The SkyLifesongCDtrack
08:04 pmGandalf murphySunday In The RainFlapjacks from the skyHigh NoonCDtrack
08:12 pmCaptain BeyondDancing Madly BackwardsCaptain beyondCapricornCDtrack
08:21 pmMcKendree SpringGod Bless The ConspiracyMckendree Spring 3LinecaCDtrack
08:33 pmMike RaeFoul Spark PlugsNoneIndependentCDtrack
08:37 pmAbsolute ZeroBared CrossCrashing IconsRERCDtrack
08:52 pmCyndee Lee RuleSeven Cities Of GoldNoneIndependentCDtrack
09:02 pmGlassGive A Man A HandNoneIndependentCDtrack
09:25 pmThe Blue ThingsOne Hour CleanersThe Blue Things StoryCollectablesCDtrack
09:29 pmMartha CassThe BirdsNoneIndependentCDtrack
09:32 pmSpamalotThe Song That Goes Like ThisMonty Python's SpamalotDeccaCDtrack
09:36 pmAncient VisionThrow Away The KeysNoneIndependentCDtrack
09:48 pmBuckinghamsKind Of A DragMercy Mercy MercySBMECDtrack
09:52 pmKansasSong For AmericaSong For AmericaEpicCDtrack
09:55 pmJimi HendrixCrying Blue RainValleys Of NeptuneExperience HendrixCDtrack