08:00 pmFunky JunctionDanTribute To Deep PurpleStereo GoldCDtrack
08:03 pmFunky JunctionHushTribute To Deep PurpleStereo GoldCDtrack
08:08 pmIan AndersonSwing It FarThick As A Brick 2EMICDtrack
08:12 pmIan AndersonConfessionalThick As A Brick 2EMICDtrack
08:15 pmIan AndersonKismet In SuburbiaThick As A Brick 2EMICDtrack
08:22 pmPink FloydOne of These DaysPulseEMICDtrack
08:28 pmJimi HendrixDriving SouthBBC SessionsMCACDtrack
08:33 pmBlues SectionCall Me On Your TelephoneSome Of LoveLoveCDtrack
08:36 pmTabula RasaVuorellaistujaSome Of LoveLoveCDtrack
08:45 pmPiirpaukeThe Bells Of Konevitsan Kirkonkellot.Some Of LoveLoveCDtrack
08:57 pmPepe WilbergAjatuksetSome Of LoveLoveCDtrack
09:03 pmPepe & ParadiseTuuleen KylvajaSome Of LoveLoveCDtrack
09:08 pmMagyarEtavien HautaSome Of LoveLoveCDtrack
09:12 pmFinnforestPabloSome Of LoveLoveCDtrack
09:21 pmJuhani Aaltonen & Otto DonnerEvolution VampSome Of LoveLoveCDtrack
09:46 pmPekka StrengSish Hani Portin IdysinSome Of LoveLoveCDtrack
09:51 pmDave Clark 5Try Too HardHistory OfHollywoodCDtrack
09:56 pmPaul RodgersWith Our LoveNoneIndependentCDtrack