08:00 amRobert johnsonCome on in my kitchenBest ofSonyCDtrack
08:04 amLittle walterOff the wallBest of little walterChessCDtrack
08:07 amLittle walterYou better watch yourselfBest of littl walterChessCDtrack
08:10 amDoghouse daddiesI can't strop itI can't stop itGreen back hillCDtrack
08:15 amProfessor longhairRed beansCrawfish fiestaAlligatorCDtrack
08:19 amJohn mooneyPlead guiltyTestimonyDominoCDtrack
08:24 amJohn mooneyTake time to know herTestimonyDominoCDtrack
08:31 amRenee austinMouth of the deltaRight about loveBlind pigCDtrack
08:34 amEric claptonHard timesJourneymanDuck recordsCDtrack
08:38 amEarl hookerSwear to tell the truthPlay your guitar mr hookerBlacktopCDtrack
08:40 amEarl hookerYou took all my lovePlay your guitar mr hookerBlacktopCDtrack
08:44 amGuitar shortyA little less conversationWatch your backAlligatorCDtrack
08:48 amCyril nevilleThe bleus is here to stayThe essential cyril nevilleMcCDtrack
08:56 amHound dog taylorGonna send you back to georgiaRelease the houndAlligatorCDtrack
09:00 amRod piazzaCheap wineSoul monsterDelta grooveCDtrack
09:05 amJames mcmurtryHolidayChildish thingsCompadreCDtrack
09:12 amPopa chubbyKeep on the sunny side of lifePeace love and respectBlind pigCDtrack
09:15 amBudy guyWho's gonna fill the shoesSkin deepSilvertoneCDtrack
09:19 amEden brentAint got no troublesAint got no troublesYellowdogCDtrack
09:28 amDelbert mcclintonIf i could be your loverBlind crippled and crazyNew westCDtrack
09:31 amBobby rushFeelin goodFolk funkDeep rushCDtrack
09:35 amBobby rushUncle esauFolk funkDeep rushCDtrack
09:40 amPaul thornSnake farmWhat the hell is going onPerpetual obscurityCDtrack
09:45 amBig bill broonzyIts a lowdown dirty shameWarm witty wiseColumbiaCDtrack
09:48 amBig bill broonzyTrucking little womanWarm witty wiseColumbiaCDtrack
09:53 amKirsten thien shareLove thats made to shareDeliciousScreendoorCDtrack
09:53 amFrankie leeWhats the matter babyWhats the matter babyBlind pigCDtrack
10:03 amFrankie leeFinders keepersWhats the matter babyBlind pigCDtrack
10:07 amConnie and hte choirboysMad at you babyWired up and fired upSteve hawkins musicCDtrack
10:11 amGrand marquisThe jungleBlues and troubleGrand marquis musicCDtrack
10:19 amTufMaryBadlandsTelarcCDtrack
10:24 amAlbert kingAngel of mercyThe best ofStaxCDtrack
10:28 amLonnie brooksFeel good doin badLone star shootoutAlligatorCDtrack
10:32 amMavis staplesIn times like theseHave a little faithAlligatorCDtrack
10:36 amGary morinTennessee jedStreamlineIndepCDtrack
10:43 amRay bonnevilleBad man's bloodBad man's bloodRed houseCDtrack
10:47 amRay bonnevilleRiver johnBad man's bloodRed houseCDtrack
10:51 amRay bonnevilleCemetery roadGoin to feelRed houseCDtrack
10:56 amCassie taylorMemphisBlueHypertensionCDtrack