12:00 amJohn O'ConnorThe YankeeSongs For Our TimeFlying FishCDtrack
12:03 amChris Chandler & Anne FeeneyGenericaFlying Poetry CircusSholeCDtrack
11:00 amButtermilk BoysButtermilkOh Pretty GoodIndieCDtrack
11:04 amLarry PennI'm A Little CookieI'm A Little CookieCookieman MusicCDtrack
11:06 amLarry PennMayDay at the PabstRondinellies CastleCookieman MusicCDtrack
11:12 amPete Seeger, Earl Robinson, Odetta & Ronnie GilbertFree America & Jefferson LibertySongs of the Working PeopleFlying FishCDtrack
11:18 amFaith PetricTenting TonightFaith's FavoritesIndieCDtrack
11:24 amKim & Reggie Harris & MagpieHarriet Tibman BalladSpoken In LoveLongtailCDtrack
11:30 amOdettaJohn HenryTroubadours of the Folk EraRhinoCDtrack
11:36 amPaul RobinsonJoe HillDon't Mourn, OrganizeSmithsonian FolkwaysCDtrack
11:40 amPete SeegerYankee DoodleAmerica's Favorite BalladsSmithsonian FolkwaysCDtrack
11:41 amConnie DoverShenandoahSomebodyTaylor ParkCDtrack
11:51 amThe ForemanUncle Sam's LamentWhat's LeftRepriseCDtrack
12:09 pmPete SeegerThe Literacy TestGazzette-Vol.2FolkwaysCDtrack
12:12 pmSweet Honey in the RockFannie Lou HamerSelections (1976-1988)Flying FishCDtrack
12:17 pmJoel MabusAin't America BeautifulThe Naked TruthFossil Rec.CDtrack
12:21 pmThe ForemanBuilding For the FutureTheforeman Folk HeroesRepriseCDtrack
12:26 pmLarry PennThe Whiskey's GoneThe Whiskey's GoneCookiemanCDtrack
12:30 pmAlmanac SingersI Don't Want Your Millions MisterTalking UnionSmithsonian FolkwaysCDtrack
12:33 pmJohn McCutheonIt's the Economy StupidHail to the ChiefAppalsongCDtrack
12:41 pmBob DylanMasters of WarBob Dylan in ConcertColumbiaCDtrack
12:47 pmJohn PrineSam StoneSouvenirsOhBoyCDtrack
12:52 pmBob Bove & Gail HeilMaple on the HillRural Route 2MerimacCDtrack
12:55 pmMalvina ReynoldsIt Isn't NiceEar to the GroundSmithsonian FolkwaysCDtrack
12:57 pmBob Bovee & Gail HeilDry & DustyWhen the Cactus Is in BloomCooper CreekCDtrack
01:00 pmEnd of showEnd of showEnd of showEnd of showCDtrack
01:00 pmEndEndEndEndCDtrack
01:00 pmEnd of showEndEndEndCDtrack
11:54 pmGary KanterI'm Gonna Marry GEGoodbye Doctor LauraIndieCDtrack