12:00 pmThe Black FamilySong of the DiggersTime for Touching HomeDaraCDtrack
12:06 pmThe Black FamilAlabama John CherokeeTime for Touching HomeDaraCDtrack
12:09 pmJoel MabusBetsy From PikeAmerican AnonymousFossil RecordsCDtrack
12:14 pmJoel MabusFarmer Is the ManAmerican AnonymousFossil RecordsCDtrack
12:22 pmLarry Hanks and Deborah RobinsAngeline BakerNo Hiding PlaceZippety Whippet MusicCDtrack
12:25 pmLarry Hanks and Deborah RobinsWeave Room BluesNo Hiding PlaceZippety Whippet MusicCDtrack
12:27 pmBrian PetersAll Around My HatDifferent TonguesPugwash MusicCDtrack
12:32 pmBrian PetersHer Bright Smile Haunts Me StillDifferent TonguesPugwash MusicCDtrack
12:42 pmEnoch KentTae The Beggin'One More RoundBorealisCDtrack
12:45 pmEnoch KentSome Hae MeatOne More RoundBorealisCDtrack
12:48 pmJim and Kim LansfordSal's Got A Meat SkinKeep Your Eye On The SparrowIndependentCDtrack
12:51 pmJim and Kim LansfordNatchez Under The HillKeep Your Eye On The SparrowIndependentCDtrack
12:56 pmCharlie King & Karen BrandowOur Problems Stem From Our Acceptance of This Filthy Rotten SystemThe Distance RemainingVaguely Reminiscent SoundsCDtrack
01:00 pmCharlie King & Karen BrandowSweet Thames Flow SoftlyThe Distance RemainingVaguely Reminiscent SoundsCDtrack
01:06 pmBill StainesMama LouOld DogsRed House RecordsCDtrack
01:10 pmBill StainesLone Star Hotel CafeOld DogsRed House RecordsCDtrack
01:17 pmJohn McCutcheonSydney/Joe HillUntoldAppalseed ProductionsCDtrack
01:29 pmKenny Baker with Josh GravesStarlight WaltzMasters of the Folk ViolinArhoolieCDtrack
01:32 pmKenny Baker with Josh GravesJohn BarleycornMasters of the Folk ViolinArhoolieCDtrack
01:37 pmBare BonesYour Long JourneyPut Your Loving ArmsBare BonesCDtrack
01:40 pmJerry Epstein with Jeff DavisMaster of the SheepfoldTime Has Made A Change In MeMinstrelCDtrack
01:44 pmJerry Epstein with Jeff DavieThe Katie and the Jim LeeTime Has Made A Change In MeMinstrelCDtrack
01:52 pmKeb Mo and Otis TaylorThe Way It GoesRecapturing the BanjoTelarcCDtrack
01:55 pmTim & Myles ThompsonRed Haired BoyRoad RunnerHidden Giant RecordsCDtrack