12:00 pmGradaAbe's AxeNatural AngleCompass RecordsCDtrack
12:04 pmKathryn WilliamsWinter is SharpThe QuickeningOne Little Indian USCDtrack
12:06 pmCrooked StillSometimes in This CountrySome Strange CountrySignature SoundsCDtrack
12:10 pmEllis PaulWalking After Midnight/ChangeThe Day After Everything ChangedBlack WolfCDtrack
12:17 pmCarolina Chocolate DropsCornbread and ButterbeansGenuine Negro JigNonesuchCDtrack
12:20 pmCarolina Chocolate DroipsSnowden's JigGenuine Negro JigNonesuchCDtrack
12:24 pmBob DylanTalking Bear Mountain Picnic Massacre BluesThe Witmark DemosColumbiaCDtrack
12:30 pmPatty GriffinHouse of GoldDowntown ChurchCredential Rec.CDtrack
12:33 pmPatty GriffinIf I Had My WayDowntown ChurchCredential Rec.CDtrack
12:37 pmKathryn WilliamsUp NorthThe QuickeningOne Little Indian USCDtrack
12:41 pmJustin Townes EarleRogers ParkHarlem River BluesBloodshot RecordsCDtrack
12:45 pmEllis PaulHurrican AngelThe Day After Everything ChangedBlack WolfCDtrack
12:51 pmJoni MitchellCareyBlueWarner Bros./weaCDtrack
12:55 pmChris WoodMy Darling's DownsizedHandmade Life101 DistributionCDtrack
01:00 pmJoni MitchellA Case of YouBlueWarner Bros./weaCDtrack
01:07 pmGradaJohn RileyNatural AngleCompass recordsCDtrack
01:11 pmBob DylanMasters of WarThe Witmark DemosColumbiaCDtrack
01:16 pmKathryn WilliamsWanting and WaitingThe QuickeningOne Little Indian USCDtrack
01:21 pmJoni MitchellAll I WantBlueWarner Bros./weaCDtrack
01:25 pmChris WoodThe Grand CorrectionHandmade Life101 DistributionCDtrack
01:29 pmChris WoodTurtle SoupHandmade Life101 DistributionCDtrack
01:35 pmJustin Townes EarleWanderin'Harlem River BluesBloodshot RecordsCDtrack
01:40 pmGradaPretty PollyNatural AngleCompass RecordsCDtrack
01:44 pmCrooked StillHenry LeeSome Strange CountrySgnature SoundsCDtrack
01:48 pmCrooked StillYou Were GoneSome Strange CountrySignature SoundsCDtrack
01:52 pmBob DylanDon't Think Twice, It's AlrightThe Witmark DemosColumbiaCDtrack
01:55 pmPatty GriffinThe Strange ManDowntown ChurchCredential Rec.CDtrack