09:00 amCyrill NevilleCream Them BeansCryil nevilleIndCDtrack
09:07 amTodd SnyderUnorganized CrimeThe Excitement PlanYep Rock RecordsCDtrack
09:10 amAlbert CollinsGet to GettingDeluxe EditionAlligatorCDtrack
09:13 amAlbert CollinsBut I was CoolDeluxe EditionAlligatorCDtrack
09:17 amMitch WoodsGumbo BluesGumbo BluesClub 88 RecordsCDtrack
09:20 amMitch WoodsOohLaLaGumbo BluesClub 88 RecordsCDtrack
09:24 amCathy Lemons and Johnny AceBrand New DayLemon AceVizz ToneCDtrack
09:28 amCathy Lemons and Johnny AceLove Like a FireLemon AceVizz ToneCDtrack
09:31 amCarey BellMy Love Strikes Like LightningHard LuckAlligatorCDtrack
09:31 amCarey BellMy Love Stikes Like LighteningHard LuckAlligatorCDtrack
09:35 amSean CostelloCuttin InCuttin InLandslideCDtrack
09:38 amSean CostelloCold Cold GroundCuttin InLandslideCDtrack
09:42 amSista MonicaIts a Shame and a MysteryPeople Love the BluesMo MuscleCDtrack
09:46 amJames HarmanMo Napkins PleaseMo Napkins PleaseCannonball RecordsCDtrack
09:50 amJames HarmonIcepicks Pawnshop BluesMo Napkins PleaseCannonball RecordsCDtrack
09:53 amWalter TroutLookin for the Promise LandGo the DistanceRUFCDtrack
10:00 amPapa Grows FunkJohn BrownMr. Patterson's hatFunky KrewCDtrack
10:08 amRichard JohnstonDo the RompFoot Hill StompIndCDtrack
10:12 amJames Blood UlmerLets Talk About JesusBad Blood in the CityIyena RecordsCDtrack
10:16 amJames Blook UlmerKatrinaBad Blood in the CityHyena RecordsCDtrack
10:24 amSwamp CabbageMore Botty with BuddhaHonkIndCDtrack
10:31 amJimbo MatthisState Line WomenKnockdown SouthIndCDtrack
10:34 amBen PrestageWeed HeadWeed HeadIndCDtrack
10:39 amMark MontgomeryTalk to Your DoctorTown TopicEnnegram RecordsCDtrack
10:46 amNace BrothersRock BottomThere Comes a TimeV&R RecordsCDtrack
10:51 amChris BellReal BluesmanReal BluesmanIndCDtrack
10:56 amZora YoungTore Up from the Floor UpTore Up from the Floor UpDelmarkCDtrack
11:02 amPaul Richell & Annie RainesKansas City BluesMoving to the CountyTone CoolCDtrack
11:08 amLaurie Morvan BandCome Over to my BBQFire It UPScreamin LizardCDtrack
11:11 amShannon & the Rhythem KingsSweet Loving DaddyWere You AtIndCDtrack
11:14 amJimmy ThackeryTrouble ManPrime Chops #3Bling PigCDtrack
11:20 amAnders OsborneGreasy MoneyLiving RoomShanachieCDtrack
11:24 amBugs HendersonLost in AustinYears in the JungleTrigger RecordsCDtrack
11:30 amSon HouseLevee Camp BluesKing of the Delta BluesFuelCDtrack
11:34 amLightnin HopkinsTalk of the TownGuitar LightninBlues JourneyCDtrack
11:39 amBill PerryFade to BlueLove ScarsPoint BlankCDtrack
11:43 amBill PerrySmoky JoeLove ScarsPoint BlankCDtrack
11:48 amDamon FowlerThird Rate RomanceSugar ShackBlind PigCDtrack
11:52 amSista MonicaBaby Work OutPeople love the BluesMo MuscleCDtrack