12:00 pmMaeve Donnelly and Tony McManusThe Newcastle Hornpipe/The IndependentFlame on the BanksPhantom Sound & VisionCDtrack
12:04 pmJulie Fowlis and Muireann nic AmhlaoibhDa Bhfaigheann Mo Rogha De Thriur ain/ Dhannsamaid Le Ailean/Cairision' Nigh'a EoghaihnDualMachair RecordsCDtrack
12:08 pmCalum StewartFa's Sae MerryEarlywoodEarlywoodCDtrack
12:13 pmMuireann nic AmhlaoibhBeauty Deas An OileainDualMachair RecordsCDtrack
12:22 pmKatrien DelavierTrip to Sligo/Gallagher's FrolicsLa Harpe IrlandaisePlayasoundCDtrack
12:25 pmJulie Fowlis and Muireann nic AmhlaoibhTha'm Buntata Mor/An Bairille/Boc Liath Nan GobharDualMachair RecordsCDtrack
12:31 pmJim MorayLucy WanLow CultureNiag RecordsCDtrack
12:36 pmRoss Ainslie and Jarlath HendersonOld Bush/Jolly Tinker/Richard Dwyer'sPartners in CrimePhantom Sound & VisionCDtrack
12:41 pmBrian PetersThree RavensSongs of Trial and TriumphPhantom Sound & VisionCDtrack
12:50 pmRoss Ainslie and Jarlath HendersonBreak Yer Bass Drone Again/The Crackin FiddlePartners in CrimePhantom Sound & VisionCDtrack
12:55 pmMegsonJane Jamieson's GhostTake Yourself a WifeEdjCDtrack
01:00 pmRoss Ainslie and Jarlath HendersonAbsynthe Makes the Heart Grow FonderPartners in CrimePhantom Sound & VisionCDtrack
01:06 pmBellowheadCholera CampMatachinNavigator RecordsCDtrack
01:12 pmKellyFoxhuntersDairIndependentCDtrack
01:16 pmMick Ryan and Paul DownesSleep of DeathGrand ConversationWild GooseCDtrack
01:24 pmPaul McGlincheyDermot Byrne's/Tom Billy'sUnearthedIndependentCDtrack
01:26 pmMick Ryan and Paul DownesThe Lazy ManGrand ConversationWild GooseCDtrack
01:29 pmBen Lennon and Tony O'ConnellSporting Nell/The Crooked Road to DublinRossinver BraesClo Iar ChonnachtaCDtrack
01:35 pmJerry RauHow Bout You?Raod to the SunMinstrel MusicCDtrack
01:42 pmJim MorayLeaving AustraliaLow CultureNiag RecordsCDtrack
01:47 pmSpiers and BodenTom PadgetVagabondNavigator RecordsCDtrack
01:53 pmBen Lennon and Tony O'ConnellThe Harvest Home/Rossinver BraesRossinver BraesClo Iar ChonnachtaCDtrack
01:56 pmSpiers and BodenThe Birth of Robin HoodVagabondNavigator RecordsCDtrack