08:00 amCyril nevilleCream them beansBest ofMcCDtrack
08:07 amHolly & jonBack to 19291929SolanCDtrack
08:13 amOtis spannCountry girlLast callMr cat musicCDtrack
08:18 amOtis spannStomp with spannLast callMr cat musicCDtrack
08:20 amJody williamsYou left me in t he darkYou left me int he darkEvidenceCDtrack
08:25 amClaude fiddler williamsGee baby aint i good to youKing of kansas cityProgressiveCDtrack
08:30 amDavid jacob strainTreetop flyerLive from the west coastIndepCDtrack
08:38 amSean costelloTake me backCall the copsBlue waveCDtrack
08:40 amSean costelloOne chance with youCall the copsBlue waveCDtrack
08:43 amLightning malcolm and cendric burnsideThats my girlJuke joint duoIndepCDtrack
08:46 amAllman brothersTrouble no moreDreamsPolygramCDtrack
08:49 amLavay smithBig fine daddyEverybody's talking about miss thingFat noteCDtrack
08:53 amMike zitoSupermanTodayEclectogrooveCDtrack
09:02 amDelbert mcclintonJungle roomRoom to breatheNew westCDtrack
09:05 amDelbert mcclintonThe rubRoom to breatheNew westCDtrack
09:08 amRay charlesI got a womanThe atlantic yearsAtlanticCDtrack
09:11 amRay charlesIt should of been meThe atlantic yearsAtlanticCDtrack
09:15 amHarry hypoliteWine spodeeodeeLouisiana country boyApoCDtrack
09:19 amStevie ray vaughanChitlins con carneThe sky is cryingEpicCDtrack
09:24 amAnson funderburgChanging neighborhoodsBest ofBlacktopCDtrack
09:30 amAnson funderburgTell me what i done wrongBest ofBlacktopCDtrack
09:34 amClarence gatemouth brownCatfishBest ofRounderCDtrack
09:38 amClarence gatemouth brownStrolling with bonesBest ofRounderCDtrack
09:43 amRonnie baker brooksTake me witchaTake me witchaWatchdogCDtrack
09:47 amSista monicaPeople work outPeople love the bluesMo muscleCDtrack
09:51 amHamilton loomisSlow loverAint just temporaryBlind pigCDtrack
09:55 amBuddy guyWhats up with that womanRhythm & bluesSilvertoneCDtrack
10:01 amHowlin wolfMoanin at midnightMemphis bluesRhinoCDtrack
10:03 amLittle jr blue flamesFeelin goodMemphis bluesRhinoCDtrack
10:06 amSusan tedeschiPeopleBack to the riverVerveCDtrack
10:10 amJoe bonamassaLie #1So its like thatMedalist entertainmentCDtrack
10:21 amJohn hammondGet behind the muleGet behind the muleWicked grinCDtrack