12:00 pmBuena Vista Social Club with Ry CooderAmor De LocaBuena Vista Social ClubNonesuchCDtrack
12:03 pmBuena Social Club with Ry CooderVeinte AnosBuena Vista Social ClubNonesuchCDtrack
12:06 pmRy CooderBoomer's StoryBoomer's StoryRepriseCDtrack
12:12 pmSleepy John EstesPresident KennedyBoomer's StoryRepriseCDtrack
12:17 pmTerry Evans, Bobby King, Jim Keltner, ry CooderSun Down TownMy Name is BuddyNonesuchCDtrack
12:21 pmJochim Cooder, Mike Elizonda, Jim Keltner, Mike Seeger , Roland White, Paddy Maloney, Ry CooderCardBoeard AvenueMy Name is BuddyNonesuchCDtrack
12:25 pmJack KlattPistol and AngelJack KlattIndieCDtrack
12:30 pmJack KlattLoatJack KlattIndieCDtrack
12:33 pmTownes Van ZandtTo Live is to FlyHigh Low & In BetweenEMICDtrack
12:37 pmTownes Van ZandtTecumseh ValleyLive & ObscureSugar HillCDtrack
12:45 pmTownes Van ZandtWhite Freightliner BluesLive & ObscureSugar HillCDtrack
12:49 pmJohn PrineFish & WhistleBruised OrangeOh BoyCDtrack
12:51 pmJohn PrineBruised Orange {Chain of Sorrow}Bruised OrangeOh BoyCDtrack
12:57 pmJohn PrineAw HeckBruised OrangeOh BoyCDtrack
01:00 pmAl GriersonLonely Deadhead BoxcarThings That Never Added Up to MeIndieCDtrack
01:05 pmIris DementThe Train Carrying Jimmy Rigers HomeGoing Driftless/ Tirbute to Greg BrownRed HouseCDtrack
01:08 pmGillian WelchSummer EveningGoing Driftless/Tribut to Greg BrownRed HouseCDtrack
01:13 pmAnne HillTwo of a KindDon't PanicFlying FishCDtrack
01:16 pmMary McCaslinStanding in the DoorwayBetter Late Than NeverAudio ServicesCDtrack
01:19 pmMary McCaslinToo Late to PrayBroken PromisesPhiloCDtrack
01:23 pmTish HinojosaBy the Rio GrandeCulture SwingRounderCDtrack
01:27 pmTish HinojosaOtro VasitoFrontejasRounderCDtrack
01:30 pmTish HinojosaDejame LlorarFrontejasRounderCDtrack
01:36 pmJune CarterWildwood FlowerLousiana Hayride/ Live RecordingsScena RecordsCDtrack
01:39 pmJune Carter CashChurch in the Wildwood/Lonesome ValleyJune Carter Cash/Wildwood FlowerDualtoneCDtrack
01:41 pmA.P. Carter, Sara Carter, Maybelle CarterGive Me Roses While I liveThe Carter FamilyJSPCDtrack
01:44 pmRosalie SorrelsI've Got a Home Out in UtahIf I Could Be the RainFolk-LegacyCDtrack
01:47 pmRosalie SorrelsIf I Could Be the RainIf I Could Be the RainFolk-LegacyCDtrack
01:52 pmU. Utah PhillipsShe'll Never be Mine/ Narrative about theStarlight on the Rails / A SongbookDaemon RecordsCDtrack
01:54 pmU. Utah PhillipsShe'll Never Be Mine/ SongStarlight on the Rails/ A SongbookDaemon RecordsCDtrack
01:56 pmU. Utah PhillipsShip Gonna SailMay Day at the PabstNo GuffCDtrack
02:00 pmShow overShow overShow overShow overCDtrack