12:00 pmTurloch BoylanThe Steeplechase/Dan Breen's/The ShaskeenLiftBig Plain RecordsCDtrack
12:07 pmNatalie MerchantSweet and a LullabyeLeave Your SleepNonesuchCDtrack
12:10 pmNatalie MerchantI Saw A Ship A-SailingLeave Your SleepNonesuchCDtrack
12:14 pmAnais MitchellWedding SongHadestownRighteous BabeCDtrack
12:17 pmAnais MitchellWay Down HadestownHadestownRighteous BabeCDtrack
12:22 pmGillian WelchHard TimesThe Harrow & The HarvestAcony RecordsCDtrack
12:27 pmJakob DylanLend a HandWomen & CountryColumbiaCDtrack
12:30 pmPunch BrotherNew Chance BluesAntifogmaticNonesuchCDtrack
12:36 pmGillian WelchDown Along the Dixie LineThe Harrow & The HarvestAcony RecordsCDtrack
12:41 pmEllis PaulThe Cotton's BurningThe Day After Everything ChangedEllis PaulCDtrack
12:46 pmAudra MaeSullivan's LetterThe Happiest LambSide One Dummy RecordsCDtrack
12:50 pmLaura VeirsSleeper in the ValleyJuly FlameRaven Marching BandCDtrack
12:56 pmRay LaMontagneBeg Steal BorrowGod Willin' & The Creek Don't RiseRCA RecordsCDtrack
01:01 pmJakob DylanNothing But The Whole Wide WorldWomen & CountryColumbiaCDtrack
01:04 pmRay LaMontagneOld Before Your TimeGod Willin' & The Creek Don't RiseRCA RecordsCDtrack
01:08 pmAnais MitchellWhy We Build the WallHadestownRighteous BabeCDtrack
01:17 pmTurloch BoylanMerrily Kiss the Quaker's Wife/Tom Ward'sLiftBig Plain RecordsCDtrack
01:20 pmTurloch BoylanMunster Buttermilk/Gallagher's FrolicsLiftBig Plain RecordsCDtrack
01:25 pmKathryn WilliamsJust LeaveThe QuickeningOne Little IndianCDtrack
01:29 pmRay LaMontagneLike Rock & Roll and RadioGod Willin' & The Creek Don't RiseRCA RecordsCDtrack
01:35 pmGillian WelchThe Way the Whole Thing EndsThe Harrow & The HarvestAcony RecordsCDtrack
01:43 pmPunch BrothersAlexAntifogmaticNonesuchCDtrack
01:48 pmPunch BrothersRye WhiskeyAntifogmaticNonesuchCDtrack
01:58 pmAudra MaeHappiest LambThe Happiest LambSide One Dummy RecordsCDtrack