12:00 pmMike RaffertyQueen of the Rushes/Fr. John's JubileeSpeed 78Claddagh IndependentCDtrack
12:04 pmMike RaffertyStory about first learning to playSpeed 78Claddagh IndependentCDtrack
12:05 pmMike and Mary RaffertyBarrel Rafferty's/Paddy Murphy'sThe Old Fireside MusicIndependentCDtrack
12:11 pmJoe HeaneySinging in ConnemaraThe Road from ConnemaraTopicCDtrack
12:12 pmJoe HeaneyThe Jug of PunchThe Road from ConnemaraTopicCDtrack
12:15 pmJoe HeaneySeothin Seo Ho/Oro mo Bhaidin/CoochenantySay a SongTrade Root Music/Northwest FolklifeCDtrack
12:23 pmJoe ShannonO'Keefe's Plough/The Merry BlacksmithIrish Traditional Music in America:ChicagoRounder SelectCDtrack
12:26 pmJoe ShannonThe Merry HarriersIrish Traditional Music in America:ChicagoRounder SelectCDtrack
12:32 pmMartin MulvihillLovely Lough SheelinThe Music of Ed ReevyRounder SelectCDtrack
12:34 pmDiarmuid O'BrienCock Your Pistol Charlie/Martin Mulvihill's/Gordie Taylor'sCairde CairdinCladdagh IndependentCDtrack
12:41 pmBill WhelanRiverdanceRiverdanceDecca U.S.CDtrack
12:50 pmMulhaire, Connolly, CoenThe Green Fields of Woodford/The Cat's RamblesWarming UpGreen LinnetCDtrack
12:53 pmMulhaire, Connolly, CoenNew Copperplate/The Silver SpearWarming UpGreen LinnetCDtrack
12:58 pmLiz CarrollPaddy Shannon's/The Rose GardenA Friend IndeedShanachieCDtrack
01:00 pmLiz CarrollThe tractor Driver/A Tune for the GirlsLake EffectGreen LinnetCDtrack
01:09 pmMick MoloneySt. Brendan's Fair IsleUncommon BondsGreen LinnetCDtrack
01:14 pmMick MoloneyWhen McGuinness Gets a JobIf It Wasn't for the Irish and the JewsCompass RecordsCDtrack
01:21 pmKevin Burke and Cal ScottThe Boys of Ballisodare/The Gooseberry Bush/The Dunmore Lasses/The Galway RamblerSuiteLoftus MusicCDtrack
01:27 pmKevin Burke and Cal ScottThe Irish Session Suite, 2nd MovementSuiteLoftus MusicCDtrack
01:38 pmJoe DerraneShearing the Sheep/The Musical PriestGive Us AnotherGreen LinnetCDtrack
01:43 pmJoe DerraneBonnie Kate/Doctor GilbertReturn to Inis MoreGreen LinnetCDtrack
01:46 pmKevin Burke and Micheal O DomhnaillBreton GavottesPortlandGreen LinnetCDtrack
01:49 pmKevin Burke and Cal ScottParis NightsAcross the Black RiverLoftus MusicCDtrack
01:53 pmMick MoloneyJohn O' DreamsMick Moloney and Eugene O'DonnellGreen LinnetCDtrack
01:56 pmMulhaire, Connolly, CoenHumours of Ballinahinch/The Mourne MountainsWarming UpGreen LinnetCDtrack
01:59 pmMike RaffertyCormac O'Lunny's/The Braes of BusbySpeed 78Claddagh IndependentCDtrack