08:00 amCyril nevilleCream them beansBest ofMcCDtrack
08:05 amBig joe turnerBoogie woogie country girlLiving the bluesMcaCDtrack
08:08 amWillie mabonPoison ivyLiving the bluesMcaCDtrack
08:11 amHowlin wolfI asked for waterLiving the bluesMcaCDtrack
08:15 amClifton chenierMy dog jumped a rabbitLiveArhoolieCDtrack
08:19 amSatan and adamI create the musicHarlem bluesFlying fishCDtrack
08:22 amRadio kingsLove in the lightLive at bb kingsIcehouseCDtrack
08:30 amPinetop perkinsThats all rightHeavenBlind pigCDtrack
08:34 amJimmie bratcherGreeen bananasThe electric revAint skeertCDtrack
08:38 amBonnie raittWomen be wiseCollectionWarner bros.CDtrack
08:42 amScotty boy danielsLollipop mamaMercyBlue edgeCDtrack
08:50 amKaty guillenGrindWhen i get awayIndepCDtrack
08:53 amMark montgomeryTown topicTown topicEnneagramCDtrack
09:02 amStevie ray vaughanEmpty armsThe sky is cryingSonyCDtrack
09:06 amStevie ray vaughanLife by the dropThe sky is cryingSonyCDtrack
09:09 amJeff porterLittle bit of white trash15 milesBluebirdCDtrack
09:12 amTaj mahalBig leg mama back in styleThe essentialColumbia/legacyCDtrack
09:15 amDavid foster and mohegan allstarsBreaking up somebody's homePowerful stuffIndepCDtrack
09:22 amPaul thornBurn down the trailer courtAint ove strangePerpetual obscurityCDtrack
09:26 amPaul thornMood ringAint love strangePerpetual obscurityCDtrack
09:30 amChris duarteB bluesRompZoe recordsCDtrack
09:35 amFour fried chickens and a cokeGrits aint groceriesPoultry in motionChicken coop studiosCDtrack
09:38 amNace brothersHeavenLive at the pilgrim chapelIndepCDtrack
09:41 amJohn lee hookerTb is killing meBoogie chillunFantasyCDtrack
09:44 amLouis prima5 months 2 weeks 2 daysCollectors seriesCapitolCDtrack
09:46 amPapa grows funkJohn brownMr patterson's hatFunky kreweCDtrack
09:52 amMark sallingsGet some restTalking to myselfVentCDtrack
09:55 amMark sallingsTalking to myselfTalking to myselfVentCDtrack
10:03 amWc clarkRough edgesTexas soulBlack topCDtrack
10:08 amWc clarkFunny how time slips awayTexas soulBlack topCDtrack
10:13 amDerek trucks bandDrown in my own tearsSoul serenadeColumbiaCDtrack
10:19 amOtis taylorMy souls in louisianaWhite africanNorthern bluesCDtrack
10:22 amMoreland and arbuckleThe devil and me7 citiesTelarcCDtrack
10:28 amLittle g weevilShook it and broke itMovingVizztoneCDtrack
10:31 amMichael burksAshes in my ashtrayIronmanAlligatorCDtrack
10:37 amMichael burksSalty tearsIronmanAlligatorCDtrack
10:42 amDangerfield mcnallyAustinExtra fine vibeIndepCDtrack
10:48 amJason vivone and the billy batsKung pau chickenThe billy batsIndepCDtrack
10:54 amEtta jamesA sunday kind of loveBest of etta jamesTelarcCDtrack