11:58 amSean O'DriscollThe Pikemen's March/The Eagle's WhistleSo There You GoSean DriscollCDtrack
12:02 pmDamaris WoodsThe Rocky Road to DublinWith a Banjo on My KneeDamaris WoodsCDtrack
12:05 pmBuaSean Reid's/The Milliner's DaughterDown the Green FieldsBuaCDtrack
12:12 pmBrendan MulhollandThe Hills Above DrumquinJean's HillBrendan MulhollandCDtrack
12:17 pmGoitseMy Belfast LoveTransformedOwnCDtrack
12:21 pmDonall DonnellyThe SchoolmasterDonall Donnelly - TremoloVarious ArtistsCDtrack
12:28 pmGoitseLadies ChoiceTransformedOwnCDtrack
12:32 pmThe Ash and the OakDustSearching for the Soft RaysCDBYCDtrack
12:35 pmGoitseA Like for All but Love for NoneTransformedOwnCDtrack
12:42 pmBrendan MulhollandThe Laurel Tree/The Sally GardensJean's HillBrendan MulhollandCDtrack
12:47 pmBella HardyPromisesSongs Lost & StolenNavigatorCDtrack
12:50 pmKevin Crawford2 DaysCarrying the Tune101 DistributionCDtrack
12:57 pmBuaMy Parents Reared Me TenderlyDown the Green FieldsBuaCDtrack
01:01 pmGough, Clancy, Bracken and McCarthyThe American ReelsSessions FoundGough, Clancy, Bracken and McCarthyCDtrack
01:03 pmBuaSoldier, SoldierDown the Green FieldsBuaCDtrack
01:09 pmNoreen O'SullivanThe Quiet HouseThe Quiet HouseNoreen O'SullivanCDtrack
01:11 pmDamaris WoodsLittle Bridget FlynnWith a Banjo on My KneeDamaris WoodsCDtrack
01:13 pmNoreen O'SullivanTom Busby's/The Rambling PitchforkThe Quiet HouseNoreen O'SullivanCDtrack
01:16 pmBrendan MulhollandThe Pigeon on the Gate/The Thrush in the StormJean's HillBrendan MulhollandCDtrack
01:21 pmSean O'DriscollKathleen Collins'/Paddy Cronin's/Rite Keane'sSo There you GoSean O'DriscollCDtrack
01:23 pmGough, Clancy, Bracken and McCarthyGaravogue StrandSession FoundGough, Clancy, Bracken and McCarthyCDtrack
01:26 pmBella HardyThe Herring GirlSongs Lost and StolenNavigatorCDtrack
01:31 pmDonall DonnellyG Minor BuzzDonall Donnelly - TremoloVarious ArtistsCDtrack
01:39 pmRed MollyTear My Stillhouse DownJamesCDBYCDtrack
01:43 pmNoreen O'SullivanThe Tempest/Patsy Hanley'sThe Quiet HouseNoreen O'SullivanCDtrack
01:45 pmDamaris WoodsThe Hair in the Gate/Maggie's ReelWith a Banjo on My KneeDamaris WoodsCDtrack
01:50 pmBella HardyRosabelSongs Lost and StolenNavigatorCDtrack
01:55 pmDonall DonnellyMi SuenoDonall Donnelly - TremoloVarious ArtistsCDtrack