09:09 pmAl pinckneyCoastinCoastinIndependentCDtrack
09:09 pmZombiesSummertimeBest of the zombiesEpicCDtrack
09:09 pmBobby moore'sGo ahead and burnGo ahead and burnCheckerCDtrack
09:10 pmBaloon farmQuestion of tempeartureQuestion of temperatureLaurieCDtrack
09:11 pmAlvin cashThe philly freezeThe philly freezeMar-lusCDtrack
09:15 pmDel vikingsCool shakeCool shakeMercuryCDtrack
09:15 pmThe standellsSummer in the cityThe hot onesTowerCDtrack
09:27 pmBig bob doughertyTeenage flipTeenage flipWestportCDtrack
09:28 pmChick wilisMother fuyaMother fuyaLa val recordsCDtrack
09:31 pmBackwood memoryGive me timeGive me timeMemoryCDtrack
09:33 pmGregory andre & the 2+3I want to be with youI want to be with youSea sideCDtrack
09:36 pmBlue thingsTwist and shoutTwist and shoutRCACDtrack
09:39 pmLittle gary fergusonA mother's loveA mother's loveMother's recordsCDtrack
09:46 pmPatrizia and jimmyTrust your childTrust your childIndependentCDtrack
09:50 pmFive stairstepsand cubieDon't change your loveDon't change your loveCurtomCDtrack
10:05 pmThe gantsRoadrunnerRoadrunnerMgmCDtrack
10:07 pmGaylan laddHer loving wayHer loving wayMgmCDtrack
10:08 pmThe wantedHere to stayHere to stayA&MCDtrack
10:12 pmThe nightcrawlersYou're running wildYou're running wildKappCDtrack
10:15 pmThe buckinghamsI go crazyI go crazyUsaCDtrack
10:15 pmThe renegadesThirteen womenThirteen womenNortonCDtrack
10:19 pmThe countdown fiveUncle kirbyUncle kirbyCinemaCDtrack
10:35 pmLondon fogEasy moverEasy moverImperialCDtrack
10:36 pmThe marvelettesAs i kno he's mineAs long as i know he's mineTamlaCDtrack
10:36 pmLavern bakerThe story of my loveThe story of my loveAtlanticCDtrack
10:41 pmThe easybeatsCan't find loveCan't find loveRare earthCDtrack
10:41 pmLittle willie johnYou hurt meYou hurt meKingCDtrack
10:45 pmCanned heatGoing up the countryGoing up the countryLibertyCDtrack