07:00 pmCamelCloak and Dagger ManStationary TravellerDeramCDtrack
07:04 pmLed ZeppelinHats Off To Harper3AtlanticCDtrack
07:08 pmStretchIf The Caps FitsThe Story Of Elmer GantryRepetoireCDtrack
07:11 pmClimax blues bandCountry HatFM LivePlumCDtrack
07:20 pmJeff BeckLed BootsWiredEpicCDtrack
07:24 pmBeatlesOld Brown ShoePast Masters Vol. 2ParlophoneCDtrack
07:27 pmPeter Green's Splinter GroupAlbatrossReaching The Cold 100EagleCDtrack
07:32 pmBonzo Dog BandButton Up Your OvercoatsCornologyEMICDtrack
07:35 pmPeter HammillEmpress' ClothesThe MarginFieCDtrack
07:41 pmThe TangentHatLe Sacre Du TravailBelle AntiqueCDtrack
07:42 pmKevin AyersHat SongRainbow Take AwayBGOCDtrack
07:43 pmNational HealthBlack HatDS Al CodaBlueprintCDtrack
07:50 pmTrafficHole In My ShoesHeaven Is In Your MindIslandCDtrack
07:53 pmLindisfarneGhost In Blue Suede ShoesHere Comes The NeighborhoodParkCDtrack
07:57 pmKevin AyersStranger in Blue Suede ShoesWhatever She Brings We SingEMICDtrack
08:01 pmJim PembrokeWhite SuspendersFlat BrokeParlophoneCDtrack
08:05 pmBilly CottonSkirtsSongs The Bonzos Taught UsVoiceprintCDtrack
08:08 pmJack HyltonBell Bottom TrousersSongs The Bonzos Taught UsVoiceprintCDtrack
08:11 pmJethro TullRare & Precious ChainRoots To BranchesChrysalisCDtrack
08:17 pmGordon HaskellSunshine ShoesOne Day SoonFull fillCDtrack
08:21 pmMaestosoShoesCaterwallingEsotericCDtrack
08:25 pmDidier MalherbeSlow Motion ShoesBloomVoiceprintCDtrack
08:30 pmDonovanI Love My ShirtBarabajagalEMICDtrack
08:34 pmJudge SmithMystery ShoesZoot SuitMasters Of ArtCDtrack
08:38 pmJudge SmithZoot SuitZoot SuitMasters Of ArtCDtrack
08:42 pmAmon Duul IIGreen Bubble Raincoated ManWolf CityRepertoireCDtrack
08:48 pmHawkwindMask Of The MorningElectric TepeeGriffinCDtrack
08:53 pmWishbone ashSilver ShoesThere's The RubMCACDtrack