11:00 amThe EldersBig Box DinnyAmerican WakeThe OrchardCDtrack
11:05 amWhiskey of the DamnedHandsome MollyMoonshiners and ShopliftersWhiskey of the DamnedCDtrack
11:08 amThe Clumsy LoversBig Ball in BrooklynMake Yourself KnownThe Clumsy LoversCDtrack
11:12 amGuggenheim GrottoPhilosophiaWaltzing AloneUFO MusicCDtrack
11:16 amIan GouldInnoncence2 Steps ForwardIan GouldCDtrack
11:20 amThree Dollar BandBallad of the MillworkerThree Dollar BandRolling Coin RecordsCDtrack
11:26 amThe ollamThe belllThe ollamCompass RecordsCDtrack
11:36 amDamien DempseyTo Hell or BarbadosTo Hell or BarbadosUnited for OpportunityCDtrack
11:45 amIan GouldI'm Going Home2 Steps ForwardIan GouldCDtrack
11:51 amThe EldersPacky Go HomePass It On DownThe OrchardCDtrack
12:00 pmDamien DempseyMaasaiTo Hell or BarbadosCompass RecordsCDtrack
12:06 pmWhiskey of the DamnedThe WreckMoonshiners and ShopliftersWhiskey of the DamnedCDtrack
12:10 pmThree Dollar BandBack at the BeginningThree Dollar BandRolling Coin RecordsCDtrack
12:15 pmThe Clumsy LoversDanielleMake Yourself KnownThe Clumsy LoversCDtrack
12:20 pmGuggenheim GrottoTrust Me I'm a ThiefThe Universe is LaughingUnited for OpportunityCDtrack
12:23 pmThe EldersMoore Street GirlsAmerican WakeThe OrchardCDtrack
12:32 pmOpen the Door for ThreeBeeswingOpen the Door for ThreeOpen the Door for ThreeCDtrack
12:38 pmDavid MunnellyThe Dimming of the DayBy HeckFrea RecordsCDtrack
12:44 pmThe Clumsy LoversBelongMake Yourself KnownThe CLumsy LoversCDtrack
12:44 pmDamien DempseyTeachersTo Hell or BarbadosUnited for OpportunityCDtrack
12:55 pmThe olllamThree signs of a bad manThe olllamCompass RecordsCDtrack