09:00 pmHead hands and feetLet's get this show on the roadTracksSee for milesCDtrack
09:00 pmThemHere comes the nightThe story of themDeccaCDtrack
09:00 pmThe barbariansI got a womanAre you a boy or a girlSundazedCDtrack
09:00 pmGene clarkI found youWith the gosden brothersColumbiaCDtrack
09:00 pmBlue mountain eagleFeel like a banditBlue mountain eagleFalloutCDtrack
09:00 pmDave clark 5Southern manSouthern manEpicCDtrack
09:00 pmBee geesSun in my morningSun in my morningAtcoCDtrack
09:00 pmFraternity of manWispy paisley skiesFraternity of manEdselCDtrack
09:00 pmFamilyObservations from a hillEntertainmentSee for milesCDtrack
09:00 pmLambTraveler's observationA sign of changeOne wayCDtrack
09:00 pmThe moonCome out tonightWithout earthRev-olaCDtrack
09:00 pmThe milleniumI'm with youBeginCBSCDtrack
09:00 pmGenesisThe chamber of 36 doorsArchive 67-75AtlanticCDtrack
09:00 pmChocolate watchbandNo way outLove is a song we singRhinoCDtrack
09:00 pmJames gangStanding in the rainThe best ofRepertoireCDtrack
10:00 pmKeef hartley bandToo much thinkingHalf breedEsotericCDtrack
10:00 pmPeanut butter conspiracyToo many doThe great conspiracyCollectiblesCDtrack
10:00 pmBeacon street unionBlue avenueEyes of the beacon street unionTune inCDtrack
10:00 pmBarry mcguireSouth of the borderBarry mcguire and the doctorOdeCDtrack
10:00 pmThe byrdsTulsa county blueBallad of easy riderColumbiaCDtrack
10:00 pmBlues magoosLove seems dimPsychedelic lollipopCollectiblesCDtrack
10:00 pmThe paupersTudor impressionsMagic peopleVerveCDtrack
10:00 pmCaptain beyondRaging river of fireCaptain beyondPolygramCDtrack
10:00 pmJimi hendrixLong hot summer nightElectric ladylandRepriseCDtrack
10:00 pmJanis ianGo 'way little girlSecret life of j. eddy finkVerveCDtrack
10:00 pmEric quincy tateOn the looseEric quincy tateRhinoCDtrack
10:00 pmThe human expressionFollowing meLove at psychedelic speedCollectiblesCDtrack